Thanks for dropping by…..respectfully.

This is a place for you to drop by, order up a drink, and a sandwich if you like, and talk about anything that’s bothering you or exciting you in the ramblings of your mind.

It could be something you read or heard recently or something that has been on your mind a long time.  It could be something important in the world or just important to you.  Or you can just stop by and say ‘hello’ to a trusted stranger.  I would like that.

Other than that, I will be here talking to myself or showing you things that interest me, I guess.

Respecting each other is the foremost guideline and rule, here, and a mutual guarding of the clean spirit.

Thanks for dropping by…….

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano



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2 responses to “Thanks for dropping by…..respectfully.

  1. Nancy

    Very cool site. You have such great patience and imagination.

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