Station Girl

Have you ever taken a trip alone on a  bus, and sitting there in your seat, groggy by your boring lifelessness, you are suddenly “awakened” by the sudden stop, after pulling into the station?  As you sit up and look out your window, your eyes search out and find  ‘beauty’ leaning up against a pillar by the station door.  The all of you awakens, as your eyes become transfixed, mesmerized by the anticipation of movement towards the bus. Blindly, you ready the vacant seat beside you.

As a young teen, I remember such a moment on a bus ride from Los Angeles, CA to St. Louis, Missouri.  It wasn’t until years later that I wrote this poem.

Station Girl

In darkness of morn’ the bus pulled out;
me now sleepy and my vision a blur.
At noon the turn northward awoke me in doubt.
By two, I was curious about the course of the route
when we stopped and standing there
in the station door, was her.

I wanted to call out and tell her my name;
I’ll wait ‘til she gets on and sits down.
Why is she standing there so calm and so tame?
Lightning! Thunder! It’s starting to rain.
The bus is moving; my heart is stopping;
my staring face in frown.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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