Stoney Creek

Looking at some old photos the other day, back when I lived up in Alaska, one picture brought to mind the time a friend and I spotted a baby moose in a thicket off to our right, after coming off a sandbar in the river.  As we headed into the dense woods, we stopped in our tracks when we heard the snort of the mother moose before we saw her ahead of us, partially camouflaged, turning her head a hard left and back, staring intently at us.

The ground started shaking and……..well, I’ll fill you in on the rest of that story in a later post.  Another danger that lurks in the outdoors and is always a threat is lightning and wind.

Stoney Creek

Up on the river near Stony Creek,
up where the river bends,
we camped in weather cold and bleak
up on the river near Stony Creek.
All night, lightning struck trees at their peak;
bringing many of them to their ends
Up on the river near Stony Creek,
up where the river bends.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano


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