Looking Back

It’s funny that when the moment now is about looking forward, in this new year, that my thoughts turn to looking back, in this post.

One advantage to being older is having to have experienced living younger; having to have seen changes at all levels of life to talk about and share with those now living their ‘younger’ lives.

Of course, it is very difficult to ‘tell’ someone, younger, what to expect in life experiences and make them understand, since we all have to experience life on our own level, on our own time, in our own moments.  But it is necessary to try, I think, on some levels, to protect others about some of the dangers that could be encountered.

But like I said,  this post is about looking back – not twenty-five years now, but forty years back  and just shows how fast a poem can go out of date in the march of time….so hurry and write, write, write!

Happy New Year to all and thanks for dropping by to see me with all your kindness.

Twenty-Five Years Back

The blossom is gone from a summer not long;
the coolness of night, here to stay.
The fire feels good from an old pile of wood
as it will, come the cold winter days.

For years on end, out where the driveway bends,
we’ve made this campfire burn.
Kids now older, weather now colder;
life continues to make its turn.

But spinning time back and gazing through the ‘crack,’
we might cry at what we saw
our moms and our dads, young ladies and lads
’round the fire in the lateness of fall.

I’d see my young wife, full of bustle and life,
helping all the family, she could.
Scurrying around with a smile, not a frown,
near the fire and the large pile of wood.

And our kids would be there running around, somewhere,
Amy, Betsy and Matt.
With cousins galore, it was ‘heaven’ and more
and noise from the front to the back.

And though the fires still come and the families, at least some,
it’s harder for everyone to be there.
But we try just the same and remember each name
and the moments we all use to share.

Time will deceive ’cause it’s hard to believe
that twenty-five years have gone by.
And I now want to toast the girl I love most
who lives in the twinkle of my eye.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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