If Only I Could

Many people live in the ‘if’ world;  maybe most people do.  But it is the ‘world of reality’ that is where ‘home’ base resides and from where our dreams float in ether until ‘grounded.’

If  Only I Could

If only I could say in words
the feelings of my heart
and make you understand in full,
their meaning from the start.

If I could look into your eyes
and behold the thoughts thereof,
and feel the warmth within your hands
that’s in my mind above.

If I could turn and leave you there,
yet cast you not away,
and return when flowers no longer bloom,
yet never lose a day.

If I could make you see the pain
that lies within my heart;
to know that you are close to me
and yet so far a part.

If only, I could…..

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


Filed under poetry

3 responses to “If Only I Could

  1. Jane Thorne

    Tom I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award…I enjoy your posts and you so deserve this….the link is at http://wp.me/1l7Si
    Have a great 2012 – Jane

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