My Little Amy Sue

I am not sure why I am going back in time when it is the ‘new’ time that has just been initiated in the world….new year, that is.  But at the beginning of each new year, family is always first in my thoughts.  And since I have not been blogging very long, I might as well represent them through some of the ‘stuff” I’ve tried to honor them with.

My Sleepy Little Angel, Amy Sue

There’s a little brown bed
in the corner of my room,
covered with a blanket, colored blue.
And there, safely snug between
her squirrel and her bear,
is my sleepy, little angel, Amy Sue.

I love to stand beside her
while she travels through her dreams,
through lands that even I never knew.
Her hair is soft and silky,
a peaceful smile she wears.
Only you, Lord, know I love my Amy Sue.

She isn’t very old yet, so I
have to overlook….antagonizing
things she likes to do.
She’s trying  awfully hard to walk,
and she kisses me a lot……I just
can’t help it how I love my Amy Sue.

The morning light will soon be here
bringing its laughter, cries and tears,
and maybe a little something that is new.
But all the mornings of a thousand years
couldn’t replace what it brought before,
when it brought the joyful love of Amy Sue.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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