The Leprechaun of C-2

Years after I was in retail and taught at the university, my wife, who was an executive secretary for a local car manufacturer, wanted me to come and work in a factory at then a ‘starting to get old’ age.  Although I told her that I didn’t know that much about cars, I nevertheless took the tests and exams, passed them to my surprise, and became a UAW autoworker…..who would ever believe it?

The only thing I am going to say about the job is that a little light-hearted amusement (to some) was permitted to break the seriousness of the job and one light-hearted issue was being ‘tagged’ by someone…..a sticky note placed on a person’s back, unknowingly and sneakily, not really to ridicule them, but to just poke a little fun, at everyone’s expense.  In time, the practice seemed to ‘die’ out except for one older guy named Dave…he was smooth and ingenious about it and the most entertaining because he was a jovial, nice person.  I called him ‘The Leprechaun of C-2.’   (C 2 represents a department in Chassis).

The Leprechaun of C-2

He stalks his prey, every night, each day
with shrewdness, as he walks the line.
And it’s best beware, if you don’t want to wear
on your back, the leprechaun’s sign.

From afar you can see what you think might be
his approach on an unsuspecting soul,
as he moves from a blind and strikes from behind,
with his ‘mark’ on the back of his foe.

Who is it this night who’ll be caught in his sight
and be “tagged” by the Leprechaun’s wit…
as they innocently work while the Leprechaun lurks
with a sign that will soon find a fit?

Who next will it be that the Leprechaun sees
for he cautiously ponders his move?
He’ll first find a blind to hide down beside,
before he strikes with a move that is smooth.

Each group has its foe, as many of us know,
and it’s the swift, crafty Leprechaun of C-2
who, in his own way, brings excitement, each day
when the doldrums set in like the flu.

We take it in stride, though many of us hide,
from the wrath of his pondering eye.
Never to know from what direction the blow
of the ‘tag’ will inevitably arrive.

But if it happens to be that you’re chosen to be
the selected one “out-of-the-blue,”
turn with a smile and hide the  beguile
you’ve been ‘tagged’ by the Leprechaun of C-2.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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4 responses to “The Leprechaun of C-2

  1. You are too kind with your words ….
    I just love this post and poem beneath. : )

    • thomag1

      and you too, J. Michel….you make me feel good with your comments. Thanks for dropping by……..


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