The Staring Horse

Animals are amazing and definitely live in their own world.  On this last trip, and at a time I needed a little driving rest, anyway, I noticed this horse staring down this barn and it struck my funny bone (I knew I was tired) and so I briefly pulled over for some fresh air and a rural ‘show.’

The Staring Horse

On a drive last month going west on the highway
and approaching Omaha on a bright and sunny day,
I saw this horse standing with his nose against the barn;
his tail was swishing, his ears were twitching, his eyes were in stare
and a dog was ferociously barking at him and he looked……not to care.

The fence around the chicken house was near-down, with a gap,
and chickens were everywhere except the ones that were trapped
or caught inside by the door that the wind, no doubt, had closed.
And the yard was full of jersey cows and there were three or four cats
who were avoiding all the cows……but also, all the rats.

But with an eye on the road and to the right, on that farm
and with no one behind me, I stuck out my arm
and the air was cool but I still went over and stopped.
And grabbing my camera and opening the door, I looked for a picture to snap,
to capture a memory of the trip and this farm, and put it in place on my map.

But as I got inside, a dark cloud came over and the wind announced the rain.
And starting the car, still gazing at the farm, I saw the farmer in the yard with his cane,
moving ever so slowly, waving it at the cows all around.
And with the farmstead bending down to the forces of the wind and rain,
my last glimpse was the staring horse, ignoring it all; living his own refrain.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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4 responses to “The Staring Horse

  1. Jane Thorne

    Tom horses are very special and although I love all animals, I feel an affinity to horses and I really liked your poem – take care, Jane

    • thomag1

      Me too, Jane. It is funny to me when I see a horse do that. Although I haven’t rode for a few years now, I did ride a lot as a young kid….even herded in the cows when I was young on one of my aunt’s farms…again thanks.


  2. Sometimes, Thomas, your subjects and the details you conjure and the portraits you paint are worth a bucket of good praises.

    • thomag1

      Mr. Davis……any praise from you and your talent is received with great honor…..thank you for your comments and support.



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