‘O. Henry, The Crow”

Another, nonsensical, fun poem that I wrote when I was a young man and here’s a little story behind it.

Working at an A & P market, a co-worker of mine was studying taxidermy and wanted to know if I wanted a stuffed animal.  I thought he was talking about a tiger or something (yeah right)…anyway, I said ‘sure.’  I was living at home, of course, and didn’t think anymore about it.  But a week later, Johnathan brings me in this huge crow sitting on a log.  This bird had been eating for a while, which is probably why he got caught.

Well, I took him home and it scared mom to death but she let me keep him.  Johnathan had done a superb job with him and for reasons I do not know or can’t remember, I named him…O. Henry.  Years later, I had him sitting on a high cabinet next to a window, and when mom was visiting, she moved that curtain and it hit O.Henry and he came down on her and AGAIN…scared her to death.

A few more tumbles, over the years, did him in, but he remains a good memory.  Here is ‘O. Henry’

“O. Henry, The Crow”

O. Henry, O. Henry, O. Henry’s my crow.
Sittin’ there thinking, what does he know?
O. Henry just sits there each day of the week,
sittin’ there thinking unable to speak.

O. Henry, O. Henry speak up my boy.
Give me thy troubles, tell me thy joys.
O. Henry, O. Henry remember the days,
you used to fly the hours away.

Through summer all faded, and when fall has been sewn,
sitting there thinking, he’ll be all alone.
His mind must be roamin’, his thoughts must be high
remembering the good days, up in the sky.

Winter has come now; O. Henry must sleep.
Spring will be coming to gather her reap.
His majesty O. Henry, O. Henry the crow
Sitting there thinking……… but nobody knows.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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2 responses to “‘O. Henry, The Crow”

    • thomag1

      I actually miss my O.Henry….I think my mom use to talk to him…especially after he fell on her…..haha


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