Moments With You

All human beings in this world share one thing in common and that is the feeling of love – a feeling most everyone wants and needs.  To all, love and good health.

Moments With You

I’ll tell you that I love you,
if you tell me, that you do
love me like I love you,
through and true.

I’ll kiss you and I’ll hug you
and hold you very tight.
And then I’ll love you more
when the day has turned to night.

I’ll kid you and tease you,
and I’ll tickle you, too.
I’ll even make you love me
when you’re feeling blue.

I love you, I love you!
I love you very much,
positively more than all the
things I’ll ever touch.

And it’s not the gleam
that twinkles in your eye,
that penetrates my heart
and sometimes makes me cry.

But all the little memories
of the things we used to do,
and all the little moments that
I have spent with you.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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6 responses to “Moments With You

  1. Oh my gosh!! your poem brought tears to my eyes, so beautiful, so romantic, yet with a pinch of pain.. i needed this today.. 😀

    • thomag1

      You’re so sweet to say that….that makes me feel good. There’s nothing like loving somebody, is there? Thank you so much…..and thanks for dropping by.


  2. All those little moments…
    I liked this. Very innocent, yet very enchanting.

  3. I used to write poetry like this when I was younger. I don’t really know where that impulse went, but this small piece with its innocence and rhyming reminded me, and I enjoyed greatly being reminded. Thanks for this. May your love appreciate it for what it means to both you and her forever forever more.

  4. thomag1

    Mr. Davis… write such wonderful things….you have a way with words that reach a person’s heart… write ‘deeper’ than me; I know I am too simple, sometimes. But you appreciate it and all those that do, make me feel good. Thanks.

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