You are my Dream

To me, life is love and love is life.  It is that simple.  It’s the maintenance of love’s qualities, however, that consumes a life.

You are my Dream

You are my dream today –
the dream for which I pray
will someday
come true.

Someday, when you’re walking in the snow,
just stop and you will know
what you mean
to me.

Your eyes
they hypnotize my thoughts of you.
Your hair
soft as the wind that blows.
The yearn
I feel when you look at me
is a feeling…….I’ve never known.

Someday, when you’re walking in the rain,
stop and whisper out my name
cause it means…..
I love you.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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8 responses to “You are my Dream

  1. Julie Catherine

    This is a lovely poem, Tom; very ‘dreamy’, and gently romantic – I love it. ~ Julie 🙂

  2. Tom! Where’d you get the inspiration? You sound so.. inspired 🙂

    • thomag1

      Of course, I wrote ‘You are my Dream’ when I was younger and one of the many poems (and songs, too) I wrote for the girl that would become my wife. Thanks for your kind remarks.


      • woah! I write songs, too 😉 cool. So you play any instrument?

      • thomag1

        You, too? Yeah, I play acoustic guitar, piano/keyboards, ukulele and a little harmonica. I think music is good for the body….hard to cry and sing at the same time….haha


  3. “…life is love and love is life…”

    Well said.

  4. hi. sorry for replying just now. I play keyboards, and a little acoustic guitar 😉 hmm.. Now I’m thinking of having a blog category for my song compositions, too. I just need to work on the copyright.

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