I have never been sure there is something like a ‘blank’ mind.  At least an extended one…..maybe a momentarily blank mind.  And if that is the case, the opposite result would be ‘being in a state of mind,’ I suppose.

Whether those statements are right or wrong or true,  in that line of thinking, there are certain phenomena that seem to put us in certain ‘states’ of mind.

In the natural world, some influences might be music and fragrances, for instance.  For me, clouds have always had a controlling effect on me and have influenced many of my ‘states’ of mind.  Clouds very often enter conversations as concerns or puzzles in the sky.

My favorite cloud is the mighty cumulonimbus cloud type –  the Thunderheads, the Great Whites, etc.  But they all have ‘telling’ traits….and they’re probably not “he’s” but I call them that.


If a cloud could tell me something,
I wonder what he’d say?
Would he tell me why it sometimes rains
and hides the sun away?
Would he tell me of his journey
and just where he’d been today?
If a cloud could tell me something
I wonder what he’d say?

I’m a little cirrus cloud
way up in the sky;
Out ahead of warm fronts
that try to pass me by.
I’m always very happy; never do I “cry.”
I am a little cirrus cloud
high up in the sky.

I am a nimbostratus cloud.
I’m usually dark and gray.
I bring with me no sunshine;
I hide the sun away.
I bring with me a steady rain
to sadden all the day.
I am a nimbostratus cloud
usually dark and gray.

I am a fluffy cumulus
against a clear blue sky.
I’m always very happy;
I hardly ever ‘cry.’
I like to bring fair-weather
wherever I do fly
I am a bright, white cumulus
against a clear blue sky.

I am a cumulonimbus cloud
Ruler of the sky.
I extend to fifty-thousand feet with
lightning in my “eyes.”
They call me mighty thunderhead
I roar across the sky.
I am a cumulonimbus cloud
Ruler of the Sky.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano



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4 responses to “Clouds

  1. Julie Catherine

    Love this, your ‘Clouds’ poem is enchanting! Do you also ‘see’ objects in clouds? I remember when I used to lay back in the grass and cloud-watch, seeing shapes, people, animals – and even an occasional angel in them. Thanks for that memory; it made me smile today. ~ Julie 🙂

    • thomag1

      Those were the days, weren’t they? Is that only a ‘kid’ thing ya think, Julie? The grandkids have pointed some shapes out to me but I don’t find myself looking or seeing them that often anymore. Most bloggers to my site, put up insightful stuff which I wish I was good at…..this was just a little “dittie” I did a few years back guest-reading at a local grade school. Thanks for dropping by…..I read your ‘Survivor’ post but I just got back on line….lost communication……I’ll talk to you there…


  2. Ruth Gargano Donovan

    You are soooo good at writing these poems,am very proud of you!!! Keep up the good work,enjoy reading them!! Love you Bro!!!!

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