Some Who Drop By

There’s nothing like ‘friends’ dropping by to say ‘hello’ or say they ‘like’ something or just to give you a little friendly support….from all over the world.  My thanks and I give you this ‘dittie’.  My best to all.

Some Who Drop By

Sitting here, facing my VAIO, thinking of what to write
being clueless in my mind… the dimness in the light
that shines above me,  I await a fiery impulse from my brain
which has yet failed to wake up from the short hours of sleep
because, for some reason, it was the late hours I chose to keep.

My classification is ‘newb’ as this blogging all goes
and I marvel at the knowledge that each blogger knows
that have chosen to follow by ‘liking’ my stuff.
Like ‘janethorne’ in theUK– ‘ flaringfelicity,’ too
‘Eric’ and ‘meiro’ to name just a few.

There’s ‘flyingodiva’ and ‘fourwindowspress’
bloggers with posts that always impress
me and they are only a few, of quite a few more
like ‘clownponders’, ‘chicpress’ and ‘perfectafflatus’
bloggers in the mainstream that keep coming, at us.

But my day would be empty without each of these few
like ‘purplepeninneverland’ and ‘mazeaday’, who‘s new
and ‘allaboutlemon’ with her wide open posts
like others I enjoy when they come to my house
like ‘Aslan’, ‘lesleycarter’ and ‘philosophermouse.’

‘Deidraalexander’s site, and ‘novicejournal’, have the touch
that keeps me checking in, for their posts offer much
information that helps to soothe my everyday blues….
and so does ‘lonelym,’ ‘muskadel’ and ‘disseminatedthought’
keep me a going, like ‘bluesander’, ‘kitybloger’ and  stulanglaut.’

And while ‘gabrielpoetry’, ‘jhasmoments’ and ‘lindavernon’ aren’t new
they’re different from ‘aviewfromacarpark’ and ‘theanonyblogger’s’ view
and its these differences that make the world go round, and thus
it’s fun to get new bloggers like ‘vikramroy’ and ‘juliecatherine’, yesterday,
‘cause blogging makes this world seem brighter…… in every little way.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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12 responses to “Some Who Drop By

  1. Julie Catherine

    Tom, what an awesome, and unique, way to acknowledge your appreciation to your readers – and thank you so much for including me! I just came across your blog the other day, and am really enjoying exploring. Nicely written, I really liked this (plus I get to check out more new blogs, thank you for that added bonus). ~ Julie 🙂

    • thomag1

      That’s what happens to me when I’m not awake, I guess…haha…If you are looking for ‘depth’ in someone’s views of life, this is probably the wrong place….I actually like the imaginary and the improbable but yet possible, part of life or the theme of love or animals. I do appreciate your support though, Julie…..I was looking at some of your art….quite good…I bet you’ve sold a few of those… best…..tom


  2. Wow! Now that’s what I call impressive! And I’m in there too? Who Knew! My mind you blew! So very clever and original, Tom 🙂

    • thomag1

      Couldn’t leave you out, Linda. You have great stuff on your site, especially that last post about the ‘engineer’..very clever. Thanks for the kind words….


  3. What a wonderful tribute, Tom. You are a kind and considerate soul. God bless, Eric

  4. Jane Thorne

    Go Tom…what a lovely way to inspire and share love in this global village of ours…..keep writing Tom and we will keep reading – love to you x

  5. Hey! You’re really good. Do you perform on stage? 🙂

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