If Only I Could Be

If Only I Could Be


Summer’s gone, winter’s here
fall is past, spring is near.
I’ve come back, I’ve come back
to love you, again.

When will you tell me so?
When will I really know
that you love the way
that I love you?

Running wild, running free
through the sand, by the sea
I’m so happy you have come to me.

Will you do what I say?
Stay by me every day?
Happiness is what makes people free.

If only I could be,
something that I see.
Would I see the love in your eyes?

If only I could be,
something that I see.
Would I see the life or would I die?

Feel the wind…..
see the waves….
always rushing in a daze,
crashing noisily upon the shore.

There they come,
one by one,
here to die beneath the sun.
Isn’t life, itself, just like a wave?

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano






Filed under Life, Love, poetry

2 responses to “If Only I Could Be

  1. So pretty. Do you compose music too? What nice lyrics this poem would make.

    • thomag1

      I have written many songs and some short stories…I like writing alot……paint a little….I probably should have had tried to get good at one of them…..haha…..I’ve tried to make life fun after the hours of work…isn’t life wonderful. I’m going to put some stuff on my YouTube channel before too long…..


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