Monster Truck

My grandson likes monster trucks so having seen some on the web,  I tried my hand at it using some pictures.  Nothing great but kids don’t  require great things….they like most anything.  Whenever I want an honest answer to how I look, I ask my granddaughter ’cause she tells me how it is…..I appreciate that.



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2 responses to “Monster Truck

  1. Jane Thorne

    I love this and I’m betting your grandson did too Tom, it’s great and I love the straightforwardness of little ones..Jane x

    • thomag1

      is not the mind of a young six year old just marvelous, sometimes? We certainly don’t quote them enough.. I love being around kids for their ‘refreshing’ ideas and thoughts……much to learn from such minds before those mind ‘walls’ get broke down by grown up reality….haha Thanks Jane……my best to you.


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