Kiss Me, Baby

There is nothing like love on an unsuspecting soul….piercing that soul….taking it captive…….and not letting go…..and that’s NOT just what dreams are made of……so if  ‘love’ has not ‘snuck’ up on your soul yet… better be wary for love fills all the cracks……keep the light on in your heart and be ready…………And now….a blast from the past…..

Kiss Me, Baby

Kiss me baby, kiss me again.
Let it happen;  let it begin……
Let me hold your heart in my mind.

Let me touch your pretty hair.
Let me whisper in your ear;
Let me tell you things I couldn’t say, before.

And we will journey to the stars
passing Mercury;  passing Mars,
travelling through this universe, together.

Hold me baby, hold me tight!
hold me close, all through the night.
Let me put my head against your heart.

Let me lay there all the night
’til I see the morning light
shining on your face, there on my pillow.

And we will journey to the stars
passing Mercury, passing Mars
travelling through this universe, together.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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6 responses to “Kiss Me, Baby

  1. Julie Catherine

    A lovely, romantic poem that brought back memories from long ago for me, thank you for that. Well done, I enjoyed reading this. ~ Julie 🙂

    • thomag1

      I admit that I get ‘lazy’ on some days and revert to older things I did when I was younger……crude, maybe….but honest. thanks for dropping in, Julie. my very best to you


  2. awesome…. really enjoyed it and new fan… check out my page if you want…

  3. This is so lovely Tom, I flowed into romantic touched.
    Beautiful piece.
    Blessed be.

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