Summer Girl

Now in the grasps of winter, it is easy to think of summer and all the dreaming that the mind manifests in its longing for summer’s  return……summer is seen with many ‘faces’ and becomes things like maybe……a summer girl?

Summer Girl

Who’s the girl standing over there,
lovelier than the summer air?
Who’s that girl, I cannot help but stare.

Who’s the girl with the rainy eyes,
smiling like the summer skies,
who’e the girl with the sunlight in her hair?

Her name is…….Summer.
pretty, pretty……Summer.
Her name is……Summer Girl.

Will she hold me warm and tight?
Will she love me every night
or will she leave me standing in the cold?

Will she keep me big and strong,
help me tell from right and wrong,
will she hold me up if I should fall?

Her name is………..Summer
Pretty, pretty……..Summer
Her name is…….Summer Girl.

Who’s the girl with forest greens,
cloudy skies and where it seems
flowers blossom beauty everywhere.

Who’s the girl who hides within
the love of life in a summer grin
and gives to us her beauty….everyday?

Her name is……..Summer.
Pretty, pretty…..Summer.
Her name is………Summer Girl.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


Filed under heart, Life, Love

4 responses to “Summer Girl

  1. awesome tom…. love it… you write with passion… I should give you a pic to write about we both have awesome passion for something……..

    • thomag1

      Isn’t it funny how some things just ‘knock your socks off?’ Love, in all its forms and faces, has always sustained my passion in life……love is life and life is love…..and its ramifications validates God more than any thing my heart can feel. I really appreciate you liking my stuff…..I sure like your creative touch on your site….it’s inspiring! Have a good day.


  2. Julie Catherine

    A delightful poem, Tom, that picks up our winter spirits and flings them into … summer … well done, I loved reading this. ~ Julie 🙂

    • thomag1

      thanks Julie and congratulations on your book thing…I bet that makes you feel wonderful….couldn’t happen to a nicer friendly person…- Tom


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