Where the Dandelions Grow….

Well it is Sunday and I might as well stay in a whimsical way……and since I have posted some things on dandelions, I might as well post something else….dandelion.

“Where the Dandelions Grow….”

I had a friend, had hair on his chin
and he had one or two on his chest.
He lost his wife, he lost his house
and he got himself in a mess.

He went to town the other night
and he planned to do no wrong.
He couldn’t play the banjo; he couldn’t play the drums,
he couldn’t even sing a song.

He got himself a bottle and he drank it away
‘til he started feeling fine.
He jumped off his chair, threw his arms in the air,
and hollered “dandelion wine.”

“Dandelion wine,” he hollered again;
you could hear him ‘round the town.
“Dandelion wine,” he kept hollering out
until the sheriff walked around.

When the sheriff walked in, he started to grin
and then he just sat down.
No more hollering did he ever do
as he fell on to the ground.

The sheriff leaned over to pick him up
and noticed his smile so fine.
That’s also when he found… the empty bottle
of ‘dandelion wine.’

Where the dandelions grow, they buried him low,
where the air is fresh and fine.
His life’s complete and smelling sweet
of ‘dandelion wine.’

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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4 responses to “Where the Dandelions Grow….

  1. Julie Catherine

    LOL! Actually, I’ve had dandelion wine, and it’s quite good; I’ve also had baby dandelion greens (mixed with other lettuces), and they are tasty too – with a bit of a nip to them. It was years and years ago, when you didn’t have to worry about pesticides … and yes, I’m showing my age! LOL. Cool poem, like the humour. ~ Julie 🙂

    • thomag1

      I’ve seen some wine labelled Dandelion wine but never tasted any….I’ve heard some stories…haha…..My father and I made wine for years, well….I helped him….I wonder how I would make it….thanks for the drop by… ..tom


  2. Jane Thorne

    I like this one Tom and I made elderflower wine once … potent stuff – Jane x

  3. Ha ha!! Poor guy. Loved: “where the air is fresh and fine”

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