A blogger inquired of me as to why I always try to write in rhyme and repetition instead of simple narration or free verse and it sort of left me perplexed as the blogger made it sound like it was a big deal.  The blogger was respectful but obviously didn’t have much time for my tomfoolery….but I thanked him for dropping by.

President Abraham Lincoln said it best when he uttered, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

So I’m sorry that I can’t entertain some of you all the time, all of you some of the time or all of you, all of the time…..but….I’m not trying to ‘fool’ anybody at anytime……haha.

So why do I use repetition in poetry?  I suppose my education has something to do with it and the era in which I was formally educated.  When first introduced to poetry in school, and usually poems of the recognized ‘great’ poets, it must have been mostly poems in rhyme.  Maybe that’s because.

Maybe I was born a ‘rhythm’ person.  Or put another way, maybe my ‘cosmic’ behavior patterns were established at the time I entered into this dimension.

No matter.  I sense rhythm…I’m not saying I’m good at it, but I sense it.  Two things determine rhythm……time and beat.  Life is about rhythm, to me.  My moods and actions and feelings are ‘rhythms’ in my life.  I guess my life is ‘beats’ over ‘time.’

When we are most comfortable and relaxed, the rhythm of our life is probably in sync.  If we work jobs we don’t like, and often for many years, our rhythm is off….we’re not happy, we feel trapped, we’re doing something we would rather not be doing and yet we have to do it……  the rhythm is wrong for us.

Without getting any deeper into this ‘whirlpool’ of my thinking….suffice to say, managing our time here on earth is the problem to be solved for all of us…’s a rhythm that’s hard to keep steady, given the different ‘beats’ in our lives that we have little control of.

So….I use rhyme and repetition because it is challenging, it sounds good to my mind, it is rhythmic instead of chaotic and pleasant to ‘my’ ears.  I feel good and comfortable with that form.

In ending,  I like some of my poetry all of the time, all of my poetry some of the time but I’ll never like all of my poetry all of the time……and I don’t expect anyone else to like it all of the time, either.   haha

My motto is:  Life in rhyme, rhyme in life.

My blessings to all.


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13 responses to “Repetition

  1. I think you write prose beautifully too! When you can feel the rhythm of life, things are usually going along nicely, you’re right! Blogging is an adventure in self-discovery. Even if you tried to please everybody all the time, the real you always wins out in the end. 🙂

    • thomag1

      Nice words, Linda…..always like your comments; they are always “online” so to speak……what I love about my wife of 40 years is that she is practical in her thinking and that has bailed me out a few times… are practical in your thinking too…..I like that and appreciate your dropping in….thanks.


  2. Julie Catherine

    Love this post! A perfect response, that I’m in total agreement with. I write both forms of poetry, but was taught in the “old fashioned, rhyming” style – which I happen to still love the best and am the most comfortable with. Occasionally I get hit by a poet who seems to think the ‘edgy’, cosmopolitan, non-rhyming, social consciousness poem is the only valuable contribution a poet can make (please scrape me off the ceiling now!), and who lets me know that in no uncertain terms. I try to rein myself in and let the person know that, because they are covering that area so well, it frees me to concentrate on other forms of poetry that are more in keeping with my own humble offerings …. (My parents always thought I would make a good diplomat – or lawyer – eww to both, lol.) Sorry to be so long-winded, but your post brought back this memory I wanted to share with you. Again, excellent post, I loved it. ~ Julie 🙂

    • thomag1

      I love your work, your thinking, your genuineness, your ‘diplomatic’ style (you must have had great parents)..your ‘down-to-earth’ approach at life. (you’d better get down from the ceiling…haha) I like your ‘fight’….gumption as my mom would have called it. thanks Julie!


      • Julie Catherine

        Thank you for such lovely compliments – and for the fact that reading your post today gave me an awesome idea for a new post … which I shall work on write/right away! Hehehe. (I’m also going to ‘ping’ your post in mine, fair warning, lol!) ~ Julie 🙂

      • thomag1

        Well…you made me feel ‘important’ for a moment, and coming from someone with your talents and heart, it really felt good. —-tom


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  4. Hello Tom ! Recently even I was asked by a blogger if I ever tried different forms of poetry and I felt as if what I was doing wasn’t enough and becoming boring day by day. So I wrote a prose poem and that was the end of it. I find rhyming words easier than writing it in sentence. Just my opinion. I love your poems and I appreciate your comments on my blog.

    With warm regards.
    Sanah. 🙂

    • thomag1

      thanks, Sanah….I like your site also and always look forward to your posts…..I appreciate your kindness….my best, tom


  5. Your poems take us on the journey, you want us to go on and how you take us there is entirely up to you. 🙂 You write beautifully. Just my thoughts.

    • thomag1

      thank you, Maiya, for those lovely thoughts…I appreciate it…and of course, the same can be said of you, for you write so beautifully, too. – tom


  6. Amazing post.
    I have to agree with Maiya, your poems are beautiful.
    You are good Tom.

    • thomag1

      Well….you are good, too, Meilani… have the most beautiful site I have ever encountered and your poems are truly, piercing….. thanks for your kindness – tom


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