Does it seem to you, that certain days have a certain feel about them?  Saturday has always been my favorite day and for what reason, I do not know.  Maybe it is a ‘left over’ feeling from childhood when it was a ‘relief’ day from the arduous work of school. Maybe it was because I could stay at home that day…in my comfort zone.  Whatever the reason, Saturday is still my favorite.



It’s six-thirty in the morning and my day it has a plan
I’m going to clean the floors… and polish every pan.
I’m going to wash the dog and then I’ll wash the car.
And then I’ll do the laundry while I play my old guitar.

I’ll rearrange the closet and dust off every shelf
I’ll take down all the Christmas lights and do it all myself.
I’ll sit and rest and write a poem and think of friends on-line
get up and jog a mile or two, collapse and drink some wine.

I see the time piece on the wall; it says it’s twelve o’clock.
And still I’m sitting at my desk; my plan has yet to rock.
I think I’ll have another cup to get me on my way
’cause if I don’t get moving fast, I’ll lose another day.

And now I’m getting a little peeved; my body will not move.
I guess I’ll have another cup to get my mind to groove.
I see the sun is shining bright, there’s warmth in every ray
Oh, what the heck, I’ll go to town…..cause this is Saturday!

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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2 responses to “Saturday

  1. Julie Catherine

    My favourite day too, for the same reasons. Although I’m retired now, it hasn’t been that long, and my body is still ‘on the clock’ some days (it’s selective, lol) But Saturday mornings have always been my special, quiet time – for reflection, and just for the sheer enjoyment of being up early and not having to do anything at all. I still love that feeling. Love your poem! ~ Julie 🙂

    • thomag1

      I’ve always marveled at the ‘feeling’ of a Saturday….a new birth feeling….I have another ‘feeling’ of a cosmic nature that I will blog about soon. We have things in common, Julie. haha ( I don’t have your talent, though….oh darn)


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