The Giving Life

Do you ever have a day when you accost yourself because you are unsure of what’s going on?  You want more people to love you, more people to just say ‘hi,’ more people to admire you for what you are, you don’t think you’re good enough, you doubt your relevance, you don’t feel worthy, you can not see any value to your life…….you have all these feelings of jealously, incompetence, valueless, unloved, you think of a negative and that’s you….?

You are completely confused and frustrated because you are not something you think you should be at the stage of life you are at… that moment…?  You compare YOU to everything else in the existence of life, as you know it?  And you know you are wrong doing that?

They call it….having a bad day….caused by…..who knows.  Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep over the last month or year…..or maybe you haven’t eaten the right nutritious food in the last few days,  maybe you are constipated because of the aforementioned or stress in its zillion forms…..or maybe the magnetism and electric sparks bouncing off your aura are too heavy on your frame…or maybe the atmospheric pressure, combined with one of the previously mentioned phenomena, and no one would know which one,….maybe that pressure is too forceful or too weak on you…..this day or that day….whatever day is bad for you……WHATEVER…….

(this is you talking to yourself)…….get a hold of yourself, stand before a mirror, smile, tell the forces to ‘hit me with your best shot!’ but I am still going to stand my ground and be ME…yes…ME (you say to yourself) and if nobody likes that….well,  that’s okay…..cause I am okay with it….and I know I love me….the good and the bad…of me….every second with every breath I am permitted to have……

…..I am not wanting to be arrogant about it….but I own it (my way) and I will survive.  I may not like the way I act or feel sometimes but I am me and I will breathe my air, absorb my pressure, and live to LOVE Life….and you……again.   “i” may be 16…….”i” may be “13” or “25” or “42” or “65” or “87”….or “100”………..

It doesn’t matter……life is “one-on-one”… is not a ‘team’ game….it is, however, a ‘team existence.’  We need to know we’re loved and wanted….and hearing a good word about that relationship….never hurts anyone.

Some people always want to hear the truth but I’m not one of them….you can flatter me anytime….chances are, my heart will grow a little bigger, for a moment.  I’ll try not to let my mind do that though.  haha

Sorry about my rant but more people seem to muddle in darkness and situations they can’t control and figure that the best way to deal with it is to ‘wade’ in it…..most ‘trapped’ feelings (and we all have them) are submersive….unless you like ‘snorkeling’ it is probably best to ‘swim’ for the light of day…..just intake a lot of oxygen on the way……haha

Thanks for ‘dropping by…’ and putting up with my ‘junk’, here…..I THOUGHT this coffee was a little …..strong!

Love you guys…..I appreciate your hellos……you always make my day, as Clint would say…..if you haven’t figured it out by now “……..”  these series of dots mean ‘pause’……..hehe

The Giving Life

Every day is a counter.
It’ll never come again.
Live each day, forever
as if, it’s never been.

As long as the kiss is forever ripe,
and the love’s forever long,
you’ll remember each day, forever,
although…..forever gone.

As long as you’re happy from morning to night,
you should never ask for more,
for your blessing is in your living
and your life’s an open door.

And when your door has closed
and you reach that place above,
you’ll gaze back down at the life you lived
an endless life of love.

And it is then that you will know
that every life is something.
That all the lives that are lived, each day,
few are lived for nothing.

So whoever you may be
or however you may live
you’ll find that all that matters,
is the life you have to give.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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6 responses to “The Giving Life

  1. OMG, this is so beautiful and so true and so well lived. You know what I say… Enjoy always. OR Enjoy now, for if you can enjoy NOW, you can enjoy always. T

  2. Moving! So true and you say it so well. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about putting your poems in book form. It would be nice to be able to have them and just open the book and read from it now and then. Have you ever heard of Ideals? They are books of poetry that I don’t think they publish anymore. I find them occasionally at the thrift store. I just love them and like to read them out on the deck in the summer. Anyway that’s the kind of poems you write. Great for reading outside on the deck. But they’re good on the computer screen too! 🙂

    • thomag1

      Your comments are very valuable to me, Linda, especially when I get out of line….like on this post….haha People seemed down today….I just wanted to say…’what the heck. You’re okay’……that’s why I stick to trying to write poetry. I’m glad I found your site….you make me feel good all the time. If you don’t have a book out yet, I’ll try to get one out if you get one out of your humorous encounters in life… flatter….you are very, very good at writing and making someone feel good…..thanks……my best, tom


      • It’s a deal Tom! I started my blog with the idea that someday I would put together a book. So I’ll start working on my book and you start working on yours and we’ll spur each other on! And thank you so much for your kind words. I’m feeling warm and fuzzy now! and inspired now! YAY! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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