Paper and Pen

Weekends seem to be getting busier at a time, in my life, when I thought they might be getting slower.  Hope all went well to all of you wherever you live in this global community.

Today I  just sat an stared at the paper, for a while, with pen in hand.  It was a slow go from paper to pc but I suppose we all have those days when the heart seems tired and we have to figure out how to pump it up.  My best to all of you.

(iStock photo)

Paper and Pen

If I think of something new
to write about this day,
I hope it helps to see you through
if I think of something new.
And if it seems a tad askew
laugh a little… but don’t dismay
if I think of something new
to write about this day.

(free domain photo)

Staring at table at paper and pen
in wonder…. that fills my mind
of ideas that will come, though I know not when,
staring at table at paper and pen.
My heart is pounding…. for a message to send
a message luminous…….by design.
Staring at table at paper and pen
in wonder…. that fills my mind.

(free domain photo)

When you’re sad and feeling low
place your heart into your hand.
Like  ‘lion’ seedlings….on it blow
when you’re sad and feeling low.
And feel your love ’float’ all aglow
in search of love by your command.
When you’re sad and feeling low
place your heart into your hand.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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8 responses to “Paper and Pen

  1. Julie Catherine

    Very nice, Tom – it’s amazing where our minds go when we allow them to wander. Love the dandelion photos; they make you want to scatter words all around in the wind …. ~ Julie 🙂

  2. I’ve written a poem like this when I searched, but could really find no poem. The difference is, however, that my poem about that topic was pretty bad and ended up in the trash can. Yours is excellent–all about seedlings, as Julie said, that scatter future dandelions in the wind. I like the sound of this poem. I read it aloud, and it sounded good–mainly because of the fractal repetition throughout.

    • thomag1

      I sat and stared this morning into ‘blankness.’ At the breakfast table, this morning, I sat with coffee, paper and pen and totally uninspired. I accidentally dropped my pen onto the paper on the table and then just started writing down words. This was all I could get….haha….As for the dandelions….they are of much metaphoric value to me and I saw one in a picture on the wall and the idea was born. Don’t you just love life? I appreciate you dropping by ever so often….my stuff won’t change much but it is fun. I read your stuff quite regularly and enjoy the photos, too. The family is quite talented. Congratulations.


  3. Tom, it so incredible how you did that! It turned out so good! You are training your muse to show up and it is certainly obeying! I am curious how long it took before you started to get something. I once knew a man who was an artist. He said he would sit and stare at a while piece of paper until he could see a picture form. Then he just filled in the lines. Imagine that! Loved this poem 🙂

    • thomag1

      I was sitting at the breakfast table, with my coffee, my pen and a piece of white printer paper….all alone, as usual….well, some mornings my ‘ghost writer’ lurks around….but not this morning.

      My wife goes to work very early but always has the coffee going and all I have to do is go out on the deck, survey the outside situation, let the collie, Sophia Bella (Sophie) out, and check the headlines before sitting down with my coffee. Not too complicated in the winter time. haha

      But today, I sat and sat and drank and sat and drank and sat and drank…..and not a single mark to show for my near empty pot of coffee. Then I spotted a picture I have of a dandelion on a card, promptly dropped my pen onto the white paper on top of the table and everything seemed to click……..two and one half hours gone by….who would ever believe it.

      So I saluted who stuck with me and all that coffee… paper and my pen…..the dandelion was our blossum….and I am totally nuts…….and nuts about you liking my poem, too, Linda. haha You’d better get me some help…..hehe

      Thanks for the support…have a great day!!



  4. Lovely Tom, especially the last stanza.

  5. I like your poem. and the reminder to place your hand on your heart when you are feeling low….. it can help to reconnect the disparate parts of oneself. Thanks. SB

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