A Time to Change


A Time To Change

It is with puzzled heart, I write,
poems of nothingness, so contrite,
that even I, at times, deplore;
my thinking is, to write no more.

Why do we write…. I ask of me.
I wrangle for but cannot see
or find the answer deep within,
a heart who’s smile is now a grin.

The pain of failure is like a sting.
The last poem written; no more to bring.
The words that once flowed straight and true
are now a trickle in numbers… few.

The words together on deaf ears fell.
Their clarion call…. an empty cell.
Words to reach to those of choice
now fall in sorrow… in silent voice.

Someday the words might flow again
into a poem whose origin
may entice more hearts to chance and read
and give new life to words in need.

But until then I’ll journey far
in cyberspace across the bar,
and try to find a place that’s right
above the shade of fading light.

And when I do, my heart will smile
and split into a million tile,
each of which will hold for you
a wish of love to see you through.

My wish will be, not a journey long,
but one straight forward into the throng
and settle down to set up view;
write my heart in a place that’s new.

My thanks to all of you who cared,
to you who came and you who shared
a part of you that warmed my heart
of which you’ll always be a part.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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8 responses to “A Time to Change

  1. Julie Catherine

    Oh no, Tom, please don’t give up your blog! I love your blog … and you have not failed, my friend. We all hit rough spots sometimes, but the good times will roll again, really they will. Take some time off to regroup if you need to; maybe do some reconstruction if you want, whatever it takes – I know that I will be here when you get back. But please don’t disappear into the blog ethers, because your words, your thoughts, are just as valuable as anyone’s. And I am selfish; I enjoy reading your work and don’t want to lose touch, or the friendship that we have …. please stay? ((((Hugs)))) ~ Julie 😦

    • thomag1

      I have to sort of re-group a little, JulieCatherine. Learn a little about this blogging to reach out more, diversify a little. I haven’t offered much and I’m not sure I can even though I love to write. The other thing is that I have to get some songs on You Tube and it looks like they’re planning to change the format a little and I better get my stuff on now, before that. This is going to require most of my time and I don’t want to worry about posting on the blog in the middle of the night on a regular basis to maintain it. I’ll try not to be gone too long and will alert you when I get back with something just so I’ll know you’re around. You have an awesome site and I’m not kidding you. Your artwork is phenomenal, too. When I found your site and you as a friend, my love for writing and blogging increased ten fold. Keep up the good work and I will catch up on it at a later date. A big hug back at you! My best to you and yours…tom.


  2. This blog is so striking. Everything takes time. What’s the song? “Can’t hurry love” – applies to blogs, too. Just write.

    • thomag1

      You’re very sweet, thanks Karen. Just have to re-group a little and see what I can figure out about the site and I have to get some stuff on You Tube which is going to be very time consuming. Keep’em all entertained and informed…you are excellent at blogging. I will take your advice, though. Thanks. My best to you….tom


  3. Tom, I hope all this means is that you are leaving temporarily to regroup!

    I love your farewell-for-now poem!! I can’t wait to see what you will come up with next!! In the meantime:

    Consider this your fans’ decree
    When next we meet in the blogging sea
    You’ll signal to us with a light
    Once your wordpress blogging chops ignite!

    See you soon, Tom! Onward and upward!! 🙂

    • thomag1

      Yeah…I have to just re-group a little, study this situation, try to learn something on how to reach out more; I have to get some things on You Tube and it is going to require a lot of time for a while and I will,of course, signal on my return for you have been one of my staunchest supporters and I love your site and humorous posts…they have made my day, many times. In the meantime, my love to you and yours and I’ll try not to be too long…..


  4. Don’t be too long Tom.
    See you soon & take care.

    • thomag1

      Thanks Meiro……I’ll try not to be too long….I love your work and imagination and blog site a lot. I have to study mine a little, learn somethings, and I have to get some things on You Tube which is going to require most of my time for a while. I really appreciate your stuff and will contact you when I come back on. Be careful and take care of yourself. My best to you and yours, tom


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