The Lamb’s Little Mary

The Lamb’s Little Mary

Mary had a lamb of white,
stubborn thing that liked to fight
and often went against all rule
and often did so, when at school
and then ran home to hide.

Mary was who got in trouble, though,
defending her lamb, white as snow,
cause she couldn’t stop him from following her
and she told her teacher that was the truth, for sure,
as she sat in the chair and cried.

“Well, Miss Mary, I’m sorry to say,”
the teacher said in a gentle way,
“you’ll have to be punished and sent back home
if you come to school and you’re not alone
cause the rules must be obeyed.

So go to the blackboard and write this down…..
‘I will not let my lamb be anywhere around,’
and write it twenty times, so you will know
no lambs can be at school, even lambs as white as snow;
even asking school permission will not be okayed.”

So little Miss Mary, who loved her school,
who didn’t mean to break the silly little rule,
trudged back home with defiance in her eye
kicking every stone in her path, up high
until getting home to her lamb and play.

She tried to explain to him how it must be
and he looked up in her eyes, excitedly
and she was sure that he definitely understood each word
but she repeated herself just to make sure he heard,
then they ran around the yard….again happy and gay.

Mary now teaches at that very same school
where her lamb followed her and broke the rule
and where Mary spent hours writing on the boards
and became a great writer, winning many awards
making her school, very proud.

And now in the third seat, fourth row from the back
is a little girl named, Alexi, who has a goat named, Zack.
And she meets twice a week with Mary after school
discussing stuff about goats and some silly school rule
and Mary remembers her lamb….. and they both….. laugh out loud.

T. J. Gargano

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