Heart Swing

One’s daily life routine challenges the heart on a random basis and sometimes for too long a time.  And at those times, the stretch may become overwhelming,  leading to confusion and self-reflection.  And although self-criticism and judgment may seem to prevail, in the short term, the good heart will always right itself given the proper time and its recognition of all the strong love that surrounds it.

We may, at times, say we don’t care what anybody else thinks of us, but our heart ‘swings’ and cares for the love that comes its way and appreciates its little ‘notices’ from loving friends and loved ones who always stand by.

Heart Swing

My heart, still puzzled, mends its beat
and searches wildly, tho’ in retreat
from gone by days whose arrows stung
in broken songs that loved ones, sung.

The days of passion for worldly things
not the song the heart now sings;
extending outward through gentle air
for hearts of love with which to share.

Problems solved; heartaches healed.
Souls reworked; now resealed.
Goals have changed the heart’s pursuit;
the vector angle, now acute.

The days now shine… but danger be
lurking always by decree
and thus the heart must be alert
in hopes those loved….stay unhurt.

Walk each day a different path.
With heart bespeak a warming wrath.
And bring a smile to those you meet
down endless miles of your retreat.

Copyright T. J. Gargano


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