Life’s ‘Seconds’

Have you ever done anything without thinking and looking back, wonder why and who made you do that?  And while we engage in intelligent thinking in many of our important considerations in life so as to make an, arguably, good decision, it is all those seemingly insignificant ‘actions’ in our daily routine, that can cause us some concern if we think about them too long.  You know what I’m talking about….those involuntary actions like kidding someone, picking a rock up and throwing it, kicking a leaf, stomping a crawling ant, little things so numerable, I can’t even think of many of them.

Well, this is where the philosophy of free will might enter.  Well…..maybe…..I’m not sure….are you?  At any rate, there is some hidden force that pulls on us all and forces us in different directions down different paths in the nano-seconds of our life, and when our minds ‘catch up’ with these rogue ‘firings’, or impulses, it is usually too late.  I invite all, from all cultures and all life, to un-confuse me.  haha….I must be bored today.


Life’s ‘Seconds’

We rise each day and make our way through the minutes of each hour,
and move and talk and think and walk, all with a hidden power.
And looking back, we often lack, memory to know just why,
we had the visions and made the decisions, that forced us to comply

in doing such and yet, not much, little things throughout the day
like jumping over a patch of clover or walking a certain way.
Saying a word we know absurd or doing something bad
a thing we couldn’t and knew we shouldn’t, that later made us sad.

We walk through strife, throughout this life, with little or no control,
In mindless visions, we make decisions that perplex our vexing soul.
We often do without a clue, things we know not why
and look to see just who it be, who’s blinded to our eye.

We cannot see what makes us be and do the things we do;
The trivial deeds, like pesky weeds, are numerous and askew.
It takes us to and guides us through life’s ‘seconds’ like a drill
We feel deceived, though it is believed, to be perks from our free will.

© copyright 2012  t.j. gargano

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