Prairie Flyer – Part V

Prairie Flyer – V

The two-winger glistened in the afternoon sun.
The wind made the fifty degree November day…. shun
“I know you’re experienced but the cross winds aren’t kind,”
Harley continued as we walked, “just bear that in mind
when you angle to the north.”

She shook our hands tightly and lastly came the hug
then climbed the wing swiftly to the cockpit; turned the plug.
She gave us both a smile as she pulled her goggles down
then a thumbs up and a wave…. as she brought it back around
and paused it on the dirt strip for final check.

We watched her climb to the western sky
‘til the stars on the wings disappeared to our eye
and we said a few words how it was nice that she had come
and how we all felt comfortable…and the feeling made us numb
and the silence in our walk…. we couldn’t hide.

As Kansas weather goes, Kansas weather came.
And for the evening snow that fell, it was a Montana low to blame.
That’s the best we could hear, through all the radio’s static
and the sad thing, we were use to it – it was sort of systematic –
and we talked no more of her.

(continued Prairie Flyer VI)

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