Do you still make a snowman or show the kids how to make them?  Sometimes, they just show up in the yard……friends bring them ‘over.’  Maybe they just pop up….who knows.  At any rate, they are seasonal ‘friends’  to laugh and play with and share with the children and the children at heart.  Happy holidays to all.




In many a town, like one that you know,
they’ll pop up each winter, right out of the snow.
They might be alone or they might be in threes;
out front by the street or in back by the trees.

They might be quite tall or sitting on a box
all wearing scarves…. made of old socks;
eyes black as coal with a carrot for a nose
with buttons in a line right down to the toes.

They’ll always have a smile…. all over their face
as they greet you each time, when you enter their space.
They’ll stand there all night, while you snuggle in bed
chilled by the rays…. of the moon, overhead.

Around them we’ll dance and sing them a song
‘til the cold months have passed…. and winter’s along.
And we’ll wink a goodbye ‘til the next year’s new snows
bring back our snowman…. when the winter wind blows.

© t. j. gargano 2013

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