Love’s Adjustment

It is Saturday, my favorite day of the week because I’ve always enjoyed its feeling…’s an ‘open’ feeling, for me…..hard to explain but something like the feeling I get when I travel west….a feeling as if all pressure has been lifted off my shoulders….I feel lighter….warmer……..whatever!  haha.

But the day can also be a fun day… meaning loose, anything goes, irregular, doing something different, having thoughts hard to explain, doing something stupid, writing idiotic thoughts down…..all clean things in thought, word and deed……just different…..frivolous…..etc.

That brings us to this poem…..not sure where it comes from…..maybe someone is ‘channeling’ me….wish they would ‘channel’ me a few million dollars along with the thoughts, if they are…..haha

I hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Love’s Adjustment

What is the gain when love is pain
  and strikes into our hearts?
Where do we go with what we know
  without the missing parts?

What is the deal when love is real
  yet flaunts a side of gloom?
It has its days and in many ways
  its cries come from the womb.

Is it best that we ignore, what we think might be in store
  when thinking what it is….we do not know?
Should we watch the heart in stride, thus, help the mind decide
  on how to help love’s face regain its glow?

Even love is strained, at times; lost in life’s old rhymes
  as good and evil pressures hold us down.
And love, must, too, adjust…. and, in it, we must trust
  and enjoy the smiles it creates from every frown.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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