Mellifluous Stray

Mellifluous Stray


Perhaps there’s a place stowed away in our minds
that holds all our dreams that have died,
and all of our passions that have failed to bloom
now stored and waiting….inside.

And maybe it’s not ‘cause we failed at the time
to see all the signals going by
but maybe the timing was awkward, as such,
that we 
didn’t see the dream in our eye.

And if in our minds, we still have some time,
then maybe we’ll find them…. if we start
appreciating the little things that appear in our lives
and see a clear picture with our heart.

Stand firm and reach low when the forces are strong
and it seems life is closing you down….
when the positives, it seems, have left you to dread….
now rise and turn it around.

Give one more chance to a dream you once had
and give of your heart, all the way.
And walk proud and true in everyone’s view
as your troubles mellifluously stray.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano


Filed under dream, Perseverence

3 responses to “Mellifluous Stray

  1. I love the words you choose. Thank you for actually having a vocabulary!

    • thomag1

      once in a while I try to fit a bigger word in….hehe……thanks for stopping by and send some of your warm weather up north if you can spare some… best

  2. And where, kind sir, would you like it sent?

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