Nature Unstable


Nature Unstable

The clouds above foment and churn
forecasting trouble soon.
The birds are quickly to discern,
their lives are not immune
to Mother Nature when she’s mad
and makes her presence known,
when every living thing that has
a heart…. feels all alone.

The lightning strikes; the thunder booms;
moments stand unstable.
Seconds pass as each assumes
life will soon be able
to return to how it use to be
when all was calm and good
before Mother Nature showed her might
and we watched and understood.

Today the light will come to me
and shine along the path
that I must take so I can be
safe among the wrath
that festers everywhere I look
in places here and far
and demands that I look over you
no matter where you are.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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