Brady M

My newest grandson arrived today.  Brady Matthew Gargano

Brady M.

We wait with great anticipation
his first glimpse of the light
as we wait the warmth of affirmation
with heartstrings of delight
that have worn thin each passing month
from the excitement of it all
we’ve watched him grow within the womb
for his arrival in the fall.

His mother beams in painful glee;
His dad is full of pride
though hard to notice, we can see
the excitement in every stride
as he watches her closely…. in every step
and will…. her every day
as she brings to life their first born son,
as God has blessed their way.

She’s walked with guarded steps, the trail
that leads unto this life
to bring this miracle…. every detail
while in silence a drum and fife
will faintly blare the coming joy,
even though he’s coming late,
and we’ll all line up for the baby boy;
his arrival is on this date…..1 October 2013

© copyright 2013 t. j. gargano


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7 responses to “Brady M

  1. congratulations : ) a lovely tribute!

  2. Ruthann Donovan

    Beautiful job Tom,very nicely written! Love you bunches Bro!!!

  3. Tom that is beautiful!! You definitely have a talent…..many talents to share with family and friends!

  4. thomag1

    Thanks,Sis! I love and it’s security to know that I can always count on you! Don’t forget to re-read my poem, Little Sis, that I wrote about you. Love you. I am thinking about reviving this site.

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