Still Creating That Twinkle In My Eye

“Still Creating That Twinkle In My Eye”


The blossom is gone from summers long, gone;

the coolness in the night…now stays.

But fires felt good from the piles of old wood

all of those cold, winter days.


Year after year where the driveway ran

we made the campfires burn.

Kids got older; the weather got colder

and life continued its…turn.


If we’d look through the ‘crack’ of time… going back

we’d probably cry when we saw

our moms and dads, all the ladies and lads

’round those fires in the lateness of fall.


I’d see my wife Nancy, full of bustle and life,

catering to all that she could…

scurrying around with an armful of smiles

in the light of that ‘fired’ up wood.


The kids were there…running around….somewhere

Amy… Betsy …and Matt.

With cousins galore, it was “heaven” and more

and noise from the front to the back.


But in time… the gatherings… dwindled down to a few

It became difficult for most to be there.

But we still can remember the time and the place

and the moments we all use to share.


Time does deceive and it’s hard to believe

that forty-five years have gone by…

And I continue to “toast”…the girl I love most

still creating… that twinkle… my eye.


copyright  t. j. gargano


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