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‘Character’ Set

I marvel at how something, seemingly, insignificant can, when scrutinized, become ‘visible’ and realized as a necessary part of an equation…in this instance, an ordinary scene outside in the yard.

The repeated scene unknowingly always had a certain set of props, which at first, weren’t realized.




‘Character’ Set


When I sit down to write, whether morning or night,
there are birds there to sing me a song.
The dog’s at my feet; the cat’s found her seat
and together we seem to belong
to the moment we’re in, with a feeling of kin,
as we look towards each other… now and then……
before the birds fly away, the dog goes astray
and the cat goes a-chasing….again.

It’s a comfort we know, we understand it…. and so
being close ‘round each other’s, okay.
Thus you might see the cat, by the dog, laying flat
‘neath the fountain where the birds splash away.
That’s how it goes; what’ll happen, who knows
it’s a mystery that I always get,
whenever I write, whether morning or night,
outside with this ‘character’ set.

© 2012  t. j. gargano

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Snooky and Sneaky

My wife’s family had two little  dogs (chihuahua) named Snooky and Sneaky.

Usually where you found one, you found the other.  They were always in contact and usually jumping and tumbling.  So much that one night this poem just spilled out of my head.

Though crude, it’s a fun little poem and using my poet’s license, I turned Sneaky into a cat.

Snooky and Sneaky

Snooky was the little dog’s name
and Sneaky was the cat.
They’d meet and play, every rainy day
at Snooky’s master’s flat.

All day they’d jump and play and
chase each other ’round the house.
When Snooky got tired, he’d stop and lay
and watch little Sneaky catch a mouse.

One day, though it rained,
Sneaky did not come.
Snooky did not understand
what he could have done.

Snooky got mad and had a fit
and ran into the street to find…..
and that is when he did get hit
by a car passing by.

“Sneaky! Sneaky where are you;
where did you go away?”
“Sneaky! Sneaky! please come back
to play with me someday.”

Then came Sneaky down the street
to play once more again.
And that is when she saw the truck,
take away her friend.

“Snooky why are you
going away from me.?”
“Snooky please come back
don’t you  remember me?”

Snooky never did come back
and Sneaky later died.
And now they play, every rainy day
in that big house in the sky.

Snooky was the little dog’s name
and Sneaky was the cat.
They’d meet and play, every rainy day
at Snooky’s master’s flat.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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