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Broom Man

The lounge is closed;  the doors are locked.  The room is dark except the light over the dance floor.  She can hear the glasses clanking as the bartender washes and puts them away.  Also she hears the clicks and clacks of the trio packing up their instruments as the house music softly plays.  As usual, as her waitress night ends and before her clean-up begins, she grabs her broom ‘man’ and escapes away into the last dance.

Broom Man

Across the room, in hand a broom,
she danced in rhythmic code
and all along she sang a song
to a heart in loving mode

that wasn’t there for her to stare
to hold, or hug or bind
or squeeze her tight with all its might
with love that’s sweet and kind.

The room now bare, she let her hair
fall down and freely flow
and twirled her ‘broom man’ ‘cross the room
and let her worries go.

And dreamed of spaces and all the places
she had spent with him before
and the special night of…. when they fell in love
as they glided ‘cross this floor.

From across the sea, it soon would be
he’d return to things that were
and hold her tight with all his might
and fade into the blur

that love creates…. as it permeates
in a loving couple’s grasp
when they journey far…. across the bar,
in the bubble that they clasp.

It’s time to fade the memory made
and put the ‘broom man’  down
and hush the cries and dry the eyes
‘til the next dance comes around.

© t. j. gargano 2012

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Wonder B_e_d

Wonder  B_e_d

Yesterday on the way to town
I saw a cow….laying down
near a sign saying ‘Wonder B_e_d’
painted on the side of a leaning shed.

The shed provided an area of shade
and a perfect bed…. the cow had made
and looked content, chewing her cud
watching the herd, in the sun, in the mud

by the watering hole, battling the flies
and she probably wondered… ‘who are these guys?’
and she laid there contently and without a care
and I thought…’she’s smart’…. and I continued to stare

to see if any other cows would challenge her space
or if they read the sign, from their watering place
or were they smarter than her,  ‘cause they knew what it said
and they didn’t go over there….cause it didn’t say….bed.

For sure, who knows what a cow can read?
They know when it’s time for the farmer to feed
and they always make haste to be there on time
and there are signs on the barn about organized crime

that they try to ignore….but see just the same
as they hurry to get there; to get there and claim
what’s rightfully theirs…. the big bag of oats
that’s covered with wordings…. and market quotes.

The truth of it ….is a lacking confirmation
‘cause if she read the sign, it would be an aberration.
and, too, she’d be wrong in what it really said
as nice as the shade was…..the faded sign said…. ‘Wonder Bread.’

© 2012 t. j. gargano

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Mayday! in September

(a Sattler photo)









Mayday! in September

The morning was beautiful… nary a cloud in the sky.
The whole of Manhattan was a gift to the eye.
The smell of the air was fresh to the nose
A good day to live, like a good day goes
that makes you excited about life.
Early morning shoppers were swamping Times Square
while tourists in the ‘park’ were paying their fare
for a boat ride that would take them in the river, somewhere,
and the buzzing of excitement was rife.

In Boston, Flight 11 was late in taking off
and flight attendant Betty…. was fighting with her cough,
as she rushed to get the passengers safely buckled in
for the long trip to Los Angeles where many were seeing kin
and were far too excited… want to settle down.
Flight 175…. was leaving Boston right on time
headed for Los Angeles and now in rapid climb
and Lee thought what he’d tell his Dad when landing on a ‘dime’
later in Los Angeles, his other favorite town.

New York’s World Trade towers – on this morning – glistened bright
and like two shining swords, they reflected what was right
in a world that, now seemed, tentative…. faltering at its core
as terrorists threats were rising….and difficult to ignore
as they captivated headlines all the time.
And on this day, as usual, hundreds came to work…. near late
scurrying with their lattes, their bagels and their fate
on elevators that took them high…. where dream jobs did await
and where the views on high…. were sublime.

(a Scott Demel photo)












They were probably in the bathroom, or cafeteria or work space
or already at their computer…. when it slammed the north face
and shuddered the world…. of the dead and the living
and threatened all souls….especially those, forgiving –
who now seemed revengeful in their need.
When chaos enters and subdues the light
and evil commands everything in sight
you question where to turn…. to find what’s right
in your search for what to heed.

While watching those clinging in the burning North Tower,
175 slams the south face…. of the nearby South Tower
and with the dimension of terror…. now doubled by degree
a war zone scene emerges…. that no one could foresee
earlier that morning on the eleventh of September.
At 9:58 the South Tower collapsed….in view for the world to see
at 10:28 the North Tower collapsed, adding heaps of hot debris.
as the enemy rejoiced around the world in victory…. by decree
in cold, raised gun defiance…. we all watched on tv.

If there’s a lesson we all must learn, it must be that our life
can be snuffed out at a second’s notice…. in this world of strife,
because it’s obvious,  we can’t agree or share what we believe
as if we come from different worlds…. in what we all perceive
creating this world that threatens all our lives.
So as we try to raise our children in a world that’s safe to all;
teach them all the good things and how to stand up tall
yet have respect for all beliefs and help each when they fall
maybe there’s a real chance their ‘real’ world…. survives.

copyright 2012  t.  j.  gargano

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‘Character’ Set

I marvel at how something, seemingly, insignificant can, when scrutinized, become ‘visible’ and realized as a necessary part of an equation…in this instance, an ordinary scene outside in the yard.

The repeated scene unknowingly always had a certain set of props, which at first, weren’t realized.




‘Character’ Set


When I sit down to write, whether morning or night,
there are birds there to sing me a song.
The dog’s at my feet; the cat’s found her seat
and together we seem to belong
to the moment we’re in, with a feeling of kin,
as we look towards each other… now and then……
before the birds fly away, the dog goes astray
and the cat goes a-chasing….again.

It’s a comfort we know, we understand it…. and so
being close ‘round each other’s, okay.
Thus you might see the cat, by the dog, laying flat
‘neath the fountain where the birds splash away.
That’s how it goes; what’ll happen, who knows
it’s a mystery that I always get,
whenever I write, whether morning or night,
outside with this ‘character’ set.

© 2012  t. j. gargano

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Around The Bend

Jane Thorne at  in a recent post,  queried bloggers about their favorite one-liners from the internet and she said….”Mine is  ‘It’s not the end of the road if you go round the bend’ “

That was the inspiration for this poem…Around the Bend.

Deadwood, South Dakota

Around the Bend

When first we see it, up ahead,
it’s fear, at first, we must transcend
not knowing exactly what to dread,
when first we see it up ahead.
We wonder if we’ve been misled
Does it continue around the bend?
When first we see it, up ahead,
it’s fear, at first, we must transcend.

We choose from life’s roads, all spread out,
then follow to….. its final end.
The path our life will be about
we choose from life’s roads, all spread out.
And from grassy trail our road will sprout;
and greet the fear…. around each bend.
We choose from life’s roads, all spread out,
then follow to…..its final end.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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Some Who Drop By

There’s nothing like ‘friends’ dropping by to say ‘hello’ or say they ‘like’ something or just to give you a little friendly support….from all over the world.  My thanks and I give you this ‘dittie’.  My best to all.

Some Who Drop By

Sitting here, facing my VAIO, thinking of what to write
being clueless in my mind… the dimness in the light
that shines above me,  I await a fiery impulse from my brain
which has yet failed to wake up from the short hours of sleep
because, for some reason, it was the late hours I chose to keep.

My classification is ‘newb’ as this blogging all goes
and I marvel at the knowledge that each blogger knows
that have chosen to follow by ‘liking’ my stuff.
Like ‘janethorne’ in theUK– ‘ flaringfelicity,’ too
‘Eric’ and ‘meiro’ to name just a few.

There’s ‘flyingodiva’ and ‘fourwindowspress’
bloggers with posts that always impress
me and they are only a few, of quite a few more
like ‘clownponders’, ‘chicpress’ and ‘perfectafflatus’
bloggers in the mainstream that keep coming, at us.

But my day would be empty without each of these few
like ‘purplepeninneverland’ and ‘mazeaday’, who‘s new
and ‘allaboutlemon’ with her wide open posts
like others I enjoy when they come to my house
like ‘Aslan’, ‘lesleycarter’ and ‘philosophermouse.’

‘Deidraalexander’s site, and ‘novicejournal’, have the touch
that keeps me checking in, for their posts offer much
information that helps to soothe my everyday blues….
and so does ‘lonelym,’ ‘muskadel’ and ‘disseminatedthought’
keep me a going, like ‘bluesander’, ‘kitybloger’ and  stulanglaut.’

And while ‘gabrielpoetry’, ‘jhasmoments’ and ‘lindavernon’ aren’t new
they’re different from ‘aviewfromacarpark’ and ‘theanonyblogger’s’ view
and its these differences that make the world go round, and thus
it’s fun to get new bloggers like ‘vikramroy’ and ‘juliecatherine’, yesterday,
‘cause blogging makes this world seem brighter…… in every little way.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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