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The ‘Volcano Sistas’

Watching the grand kids at play is a wonderful experience at moments when our life needs a little excitement, don’t you think?  Back to pretend land and the fascination of our youth.  Have a great day!

The ‘Volcano Sistas’

Though four, they wander like most youngsters do
and you wonder just what is about to ensue,
when two little minds are playing their games
in faraway places…. only they know the names.

Though deep in their world, they know you are there
watching them play from your nice, comfy chair,
and ever so often they’ll give you a glance,
then return to their ‘place’ in a fairy-like dance.


They talk in strange voices of differing pitch
befitting of fairies or a wicked old witch.
They dress up in clothes matching each different mood
as they drink pretend tea that they’ve recently brewed.

They come up with names right out of the air;
a name that goes well with a girl in orange hair.
And they banter and barter in their magical play
in the faraway places…. they go to each day.

When it’s time to interrupt ‘cause their lunch time is near,
they freeze for a moment, not completely cohere.
Each differently thinking of what they should do
then hand-in-hand dance…. through fairy portal, to you.


And when you address them and call them by name
a mistake you have made and they’re quick to exclaim
they’ve come from far places and rode many twistas
and they’re not Jude and Zoe….they’re the ‘Volcano Sistas.’

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Jackie Lype

As a ‘kid’ my belongings included toy soldiers and cowboys and Indians and my sisters probably had dolls, I can’t remember for sure.  But years later, my daughters had doll collections and my son, mostly cars.

But in all cases, favorites seemed to sit on shelves and most of the rest in boxes or special hampers or back in a closet or a place where it was labeled ‘not picked up.’

This poem is about three ‘dollies’ who sat on a shelf……..without changing times, they probably would still be there……and that would be a story for someone to write.

Jackie Lype

Pretend there’s three dollies sitting on a wall.
One is very big and one is very small.
One is very pretty, she’s quite a different type.
She’s the little dolly whose name is Jackie Lype.

Yes, I think she’s very pretty,
pretty as can be
beaming like the sunlight
shining on the sea.

Pretty as the green grass
growing in the lane;
fresher than the daisies,
moistened by the rain.

Jackie Lype,  she’s the type
an angel in disguise.
Cutest little dolly
underneath the sky.

Jackie Lype, Jackie Lype,
it’s a big world you will see.
But always keep a smiling
like a dolly did for me.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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