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The ‘Volcano Sistas’

Watching the grand kids at play is a wonderful experience at moments when our life needs a little excitement, don’t you think?  Back to pretend land and the fascination of our youth.  Have a great day!

The ‘Volcano Sistas’

Though four, they wander like most youngsters do
and you wonder just what is about to ensue,
when two little minds are playing their games
in faraway places…. only they know the names.

Though deep in their world, they know you are there
watching them play from your nice, comfy chair,
and ever so often they’ll give you a glance,
then return to their ‘place’ in a fairy-like dance.


They talk in strange voices of differing pitch
befitting of fairies or a wicked old witch.
They dress up in clothes matching each different mood
as they drink pretend tea that they’ve recently brewed.

They come up with names right out of the air;
a name that goes well with a girl in orange hair.
And they banter and barter in their magical play
in the faraway places…. they go to each day.

When it’s time to interrupt ‘cause their lunch time is near,
they freeze for a moment, not completely cohere.
Each differently thinking of what they should do
then hand-in-hand dance…. through fairy portal, to you.


And when you address them and call them by name
a mistake you have made and they’re quick to exclaim
they’ve come from far places and rode many twistas
and they’re not Jude and Zoe….they’re the ‘Volcano Sistas.’

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Your Place

Your Place


There is a place I like to go
to sit and try to dream
when part of life has lost its glow
and lowered my esteem
down to a point that makes me feel
I should have offered more
and that is why I look to dreams
for what I’m looking for.

And where’s this place I journey to
to sit and gaze in stare;
perchance to stumble on a view
and catch it in my snare;
catching dreams that float around
when everything is still
in a place that’s like a whim
and only lasts until….

I waken to a soothing breeze
and wrinkles ‘cross the stream;
whispering notions in the leaves
I know it’s not a dream?
And I feel much better than I did
although I can’t explain
but I know, you know this place, like me
where refreshing soothes the pain.

Your place might be a comfy chair
or maybe in your bed
or beneath a tree in the city square
or on the road that’s up ahead.
But mine is usually by the stream
that meanders among the trees
where solace found, stills my heart;
and life’s again, at ease.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano


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Mellifluous Stray

Mellifluous Stray


Perhaps there’s a place stowed away in our minds
that holds all our dreams that have died,
and all of our passions that have failed to bloom
now stored and waiting….inside.

And maybe it’s not ‘cause we failed at the time
to see all the signals going by
but maybe the timing was awkward, as such,
that we 
didn’t see the dream in our eye.

And if in our minds, we still have some time,
then maybe we’ll find them…. if we start
appreciating the little things that appear in our lives
and see a clear picture with our heart.

Stand firm and reach low when the forces are strong
and it seems life is closing you down….
when the positives, it seems, have left you to dread….
now rise and turn it around.

Give one more chance to a dream you once had
and give of your heart, all the way.
And walk proud and true in everyone’s view
as your troubles mellifluously stray.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano


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Fairy Rescue

Personally, I think it is good to mix a little of one’s self into one’s kind of flattery –   create a little doubt, mix a little fantasy into the reality mix.  We have to be a little dizzy once in a while since were spinning around the sun at roughly 67,000 miles per hour.  hehe    Have a great day!!

So, I’m Not Right

I saw her lying by the road
all ‘puddled’  by the rain
and standing by her was a toad
up leaning on a cane
cautiously looking all around
to see just who would come
saying something I could not hear
o’er the beating drum
that now had just begun to beat
in tones I barely heard
as noisy leaves fell on my feet
as squeals came from a bird
swooping down now where she lays
close to the thrusting cane
the toad is waving aimlessly
scowling with disdain.

The darkness of the misty morn’
can’t hide the loudening drum
as fairies come from the field of corn;
the drum beat now a 
They wave away her guardian knight
and lift her on a leaf
and away they fly in the misty dawn
taking my belief.
There’s always someone standing by
to tell you, you’re not right
when using words that seem to lie
making others feel uptight.
It’s not that you are being bad
but it’s scary ‘cause you’re bold
after all, there might be an ounce of truth
in the story you just told.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Winter Stream

Winter Stream

The wintry wind has brought the snow; the trees are bare and lost their glow;
absent is the 
hearkening starling’s song.
The summer’s warmth is high and thin, the summer geese have left, again
  the bright and cheery grasp of summer, gone.

I walk along the bubbling stream covered in snow like shaving cream;
  the bottom rocks now blackened to my eye.
the sound of swishing in the trees is like a murmur in the breeze
  sparrows noisily fighting,  passing by.

Along this stream in summer time, I like to sit with rested mind
  up against a cottonwood and gaze
far beyond the water’s edge, up the hill and past the hedge
  at fields of corn and ripened wheat, ablaze

in the soaking rays of the summer sun; those lazy days stacked full of fun
  that make the imagination come alive
like when I saw a fairy, who,  blended with the water’s hue
  and danced in tune with a beautiful dragonfly.

I stop and reach down for a rock and throw and skip it toward a block
  of logs out in the middle of the stream
jammed up high like a superdome built by beavers for a home
  as we all await another summer dream.

(third stanza reference to my poem, ‘Cottonwood Stream’  January, 2012)
(fourth stanza reference to my poem, ‘Fairy Jolie’  January, 2012)

© copyright 2013 t. j. gargano

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Prairie Flyer – Part V

Prairie Flyer – V

The two-winger glistened in the afternoon sun.
The wind made the fifty degree November day…. shun
“I know you’re experienced but the cross winds aren’t kind,”
Harley continued as we walked, “just bear that in mind
when you angle to the north.”

She shook our hands tightly and lastly came the hug
then climbed the wing swiftly to the cockpit; turned the plug.
She gave us both a smile as she pulled her goggles down
then a thumbs up and a wave…. as she brought it back around
and paused it on the dirt strip for final check.

We watched her climb to the western sky
‘til the stars on the wings disappeared to our eye
and we said a few words how it was nice that she had come
and how we all felt comfortable…and the feeling made us numb
and the silence in our walk…. we couldn’t hide.

As Kansas weather goes, Kansas weather came.
And for the evening snow that fell, it was a Montana low to blame.
That’s the best we could hear, through all the radio’s static
and the sad thing, we were use to it – it was sort of systematic –
and we talked no more of her.

(continued Prairie Flyer VI)

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Fairy Fall

Feeling whimsical today….

Fairy Fall

She stood behind the leaf on the branch above the knot
on the tree trunk, near the river where he fished and where he got
bitten by the dog that had come from down the road
from the farm that raised the chickens, he had learned of when it snowed
last winter….a month before the thaw.

She watched him as he cleaned his hand and bandaged it up tight
in shadows through the morning mist in the coolness of the light.
that slithered down between the trees and fell upon the ground
and splashed along the water’s edge, hitting all it found
as she watched him pause at what he saw.

She was sure he didn’t see her but his gaze was firm….her way
and she peeked beneath the moistened leaf and gasped at the spray
that drenched her hair down to her toes and made her wings to stick
and she lost her balance and hit the ground…. with a spark and light and click
so loud that she was sure….that he knew.

She moved with caution ‘round the tree as he started to walk her way
and the birds all started whistling loud and the fish began to play
and caught his attention and he froze in time, then turned and went on back
and got his pole that was lying there…. against the sleeping bag and black
dog that now seemed harmlessly…..’blue.’

A fairy has to watch her ways, yet learn of all she can
but safety is the fairy thing; that is the fairy plan.
And knowing she was lucky; she watches from afar
as he pats the dog with his bandaged hand and chews on his cigar
and casts his pole across the blaze of morn’.

© copyright 2012  t. j. gargano

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Night Moment

Night Moment

There’s a dream we all have that comes in the night,
when our legs are so heavy, though we know they are light,
and we can’t get away in the slow motion mode
and seconds are hours and we’re ‘bout to explode,
when we wake up and dare look around.
The room is all dark; everything’s in its place.
You’re sure you’re awake as you search out your face.
But something seems wrong; something’s wrong with the space;
too groggy, the body lays down.

When the sun, in the morning, sifts in through the blind,
and you don’t want to rise…. but then change your mind,
and she’s asking you why you sat up in the night
and, at that same moment, nothing’s coming to light
and you wonder just what’s on her mind.
You head to the bathroom… as you slowly awake;
The stomach is growling, but it isn’t an ache
You remember the meal… you had late last night
while finishing the game before starting to write;
the mind-dream now gone by design.

© 2012  t. j. gargano

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Upon A Horse of Blue

Upon A Horse of Blue

I saw you in a dream, last night,
through yonder window’s fading light.
I waved but you didn’t see me there.
I called out loud; you were unaware.

You sat upon a horse of blue.
A wing-ed horse with beauty, true.
Your blond hair flowing toward where I sat;
I couldn’t reach it through window’s slat.

I tried again to call your name.
The blue horse roared and raised his mane.
I saw a tear fall from your eye.
I wanted to catch it;  I wanted to try.

But his golden eyes caught me in stare
and held me firm so I wouldn’t dare
and I let you go into the night
through yonder window’s fading light.

I wonder where you’re off to be?
A place of beauty, I’m sure, you’ll see
like this world I live in that makes me beam
as I wait for you…… in another dream.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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