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The ‘Volcano Sistas’

Watching the grand kids at play is a wonderful experience at moments when our life needs a little excitement, don’t you think?  Back to pretend land and the fascination of our youth.  Have a great day!

The ‘Volcano Sistas’

Though four, they wander like most youngsters do
and you wonder just what is about to ensue,
when two little minds are playing their games
in faraway places…. only they know the names.

Though deep in their world, they know you are there
watching them play from your nice, comfy chair,
and ever so often they’ll give you a glance,
then return to their ‘place’ in a fairy-like dance.


They talk in strange voices of differing pitch
befitting of fairies or a wicked old witch.
They dress up in clothes matching each different mood
as they drink pretend tea that they’ve recently brewed.

They come up with names right out of the air;
a name that goes well with a girl in orange hair.
And they banter and barter in their magical play
in the faraway places…. they go to each day.

When it’s time to interrupt ‘cause their lunch time is near,
they freeze for a moment, not completely cohere.
Each differently thinking of what they should do
then hand-in-hand dance…. through fairy portal, to you.


And when you address them and call them by name
a mistake you have made and they’re quick to exclaim
they’ve come from far places and rode many twistas
and they’re not Jude and Zoe….they’re the ‘Volcano Sistas.’

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Fairy Rescue

Personally, I think it is good to mix a little of one’s self into one’s kind of flattery –   create a little doubt, mix a little fantasy into the reality mix.  We have to be a little dizzy once in a while since were spinning around the sun at roughly 67,000 miles per hour.  hehe    Have a great day!!

So, I’m Not Right

I saw her lying by the road
all ‘puddled’  by the rain
and standing by her was a toad
up leaning on a cane
cautiously looking all around
to see just who would come
saying something I could not hear
o’er the beating drum
that now had just begun to beat
in tones I barely heard
as noisy leaves fell on my feet
as squeals came from a bird
swooping down now where she lays
close to the thrusting cane
the toad is waving aimlessly
scowling with disdain.

The darkness of the misty morn’
can’t hide the loudening drum
as fairies come from the field of corn;
the drum beat now a 
They wave away her guardian knight
and lift her on a leaf
and away they fly in the misty dawn
taking my belief.
There’s always someone standing by
to tell you, you’re not right
when using words that seem to lie
making others feel uptight.
It’s not that you are being bad
but it’s scary ‘cause you’re bold
after all, there might be an ounce of truth
in the story you just told.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Fairy Fall

Feeling whimsical today….

Fairy Fall

She stood behind the leaf on the branch above the knot
on the tree trunk, near the river where he fished and where he got
bitten by the dog that had come from down the road
from the farm that raised the chickens, he had learned of when it snowed
last winter….a month before the thaw.

She watched him as he cleaned his hand and bandaged it up tight
in shadows through the morning mist in the coolness of the light.
that slithered down between the trees and fell upon the ground
and splashed along the water’s edge, hitting all it found
as she watched him pause at what he saw.

She was sure he didn’t see her but his gaze was firm….her way
and she peeked beneath the moistened leaf and gasped at the spray
that drenched her hair down to her toes and made her wings to stick
and she lost her balance and hit the ground…. with a spark and light and click
so loud that she was sure….that he knew.

She moved with caution ‘round the tree as he started to walk her way
and the birds all started whistling loud and the fish began to play
and caught his attention and he froze in time, then turned and went on back
and got his pole that was lying there…. against the sleeping bag and black
dog that now seemed harmlessly…..’blue.’

A fairy has to watch her ways, yet learn of all she can
but safety is the fairy thing; that is the fairy plan.
And knowing she was lucky; she watches from afar
as he pats the dog with his bandaged hand and chews on his cigar
and casts his pole across the blaze of morn’.

© copyright 2012  t. j. gargano

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Dream Forest

Another fairy tale twist.

Dream Forest

Her eyes sprung wide; it was not yet light
she could not sleep and she sat upright
and swung her legs down to the floor
and tiptoed softly to the door.

Opened now, hearing nothing at all,
she dressed and left through darkened hall.
Outside she went in dark of morn’
feeling excited… if reborn.

Walking along toward the distant trees,
her hair moving barely in the gentle breeze;
light now breaking as she stops to stare
before entering the forest……still unaware.

Streaks, like stairs, through treetops dropped
from sunlight beams the dewdrops plopped
moistening leaves beneath her feet
stepping further into forest deep.

When younger she was forbidden to see this place
but she was bigger now wearing cottons and lace
and she wasn’t afraid of the stories she heard
like wolf and little riding hood… absurd.

It was cool in the forest and nothing seemed wrong
but now she was sleepy in a morning, now long
when ahead on her right was the cutest little house
and no one was about…..not even a mouse.

The porch had three rockers each different in size
but still hollering ‘hello’ she got no replies
so she sat in them all though afraid she might sleep
before meeting who lived there….. in the forest deep.

The screen door was open and she smelled something good
and saw three bowls steaming on the table of wood
that was close by the window where out she could see
if anyone would be coming that may not agree…

with her tasting the porridge that was hot to the taste
that she could not let sit there and all go to waste.
But only one bowl there was cool enough to eat
then now all she wanted was a good place to sleep.

At the top of the stairs in the room were three beds
of three different sizes with three different heads.
But the littlest bed was the best of them all
and she snuggled in deeply laying next to the wall.

She awoke to surprises, in fact, there were three
and she ran to the window to gaze out and see
the forest in the distance, smelling breakfast in the air,
now limp against the window pane in dreamlike stare.

Today was her birthday and it wasn’t a dream;
her first surprise was ‘Goldilocks’ who she loved supreme.
The second surprise was a terrarium – a “forest” galore
and three new bears of different size….stood up against the door.

To go to ‘dream’ and then wake up and know you’re back to ‘real’
and want to keep the dream alive and know again that ‘feel’
is sorrowful at first until we come to realize
how transient dreams are part of us and help fulfill our lives.

T. J. Gargano

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