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Where the Dandelions Grow….

Well it is Sunday and I might as well stay in a whimsical way……and since I have posted some things on dandelions, I might as well post something else….dandelion.

“Where the Dandelions Grow….”

I had a friend, had hair on his chin
and he had one or two on his chest.
He lost his wife, he lost his house
and he got himself in a mess.

He went to town the other night
and he planned to do no wrong.
He couldn’t play the banjo; he couldn’t play the drums,
he couldn’t even sing a song.

He got himself a bottle and he drank it away
‘til he started feeling fine.
He jumped off his chair, threw his arms in the air,
and hollered “dandelion wine.”

“Dandelion wine,” he hollered again;
you could hear him ‘round the town.
“Dandelion wine,” he kept hollering out
until the sheriff walked around.

When the sheriff walked in, he started to grin
and then he just sat down.
No more hollering did he ever do
as he fell on to the ground.

The sheriff leaned over to pick him up
and noticed his smile so fine.
That’s also when he found… the empty bottle
of ‘dandelion wine.’

Where the dandelions grow, they buried him low,
where the air is fresh and fine.
His life’s complete and smelling sweet
of ‘dandelion wine.’

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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My Little Flower Girl

Such beauty there is in a field of wild flowers…..I’m sure the ‘flowers’ even sense it.

My Little Flower Girl

I saw a flower in the grass
standing over there
and oh, what pretty eyes, she had,
and oh, what pretty hair.

There were flowers everywhere
as far as I could see
but none as pretty as the one
that captivated me.

The twinkle in her petal eyes
as bright as diamonds rare.
The smile upon her petal face
something more than fair.

But oh, the pain to have to stand
and watch her every day,
to know someone will pick her up
and take her far away.

If only I’d been a flower seed
and planted by her side.
Would I’d seen her beauty or in
my blindness would it hide?

Her innocence makes me want to cry
but how happy she makes me feel.
She’s fresher than the freshest wind;
she’s something more than real.

But there’ll come a day when the trees are bent
and the leaves are all in a whirl.
I’ll say good-bye to her pretty smile
and the dream of my little flower girl.


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Lonely Dandelion in the Grass

To the extent that many people despise them, I have always loved dandelions.  I have loved them for what they are…..a beautiful yellow blossom in a sea of green grass.  It may be one here or there or it may be ‘reunion’ gathering of them, some years.  I have watched a single dandelion bend and stand up to heavy wind and driving rain and peek through a freshly fallen snow.; their courage and stamina heartwarming, at times.

There was a day when I put myself in the ground as a dandelion and viewed the man (him) picking them as a danger and spoiler of my dreams and then waited as he came to pick me.   That day I wrote “Lonely Dandelion in the Grass”………..

Lonely Dandelion in the Grass

A lonely dandelion in the grass.
Lonesome for a love that didn’t last.
Thinking of the day
that she was picked away,
lonely dandelion in the grass.

’round him other dandelions grew.
But missing her was not exactly new.
Remembering every smile,
she gave him all the while.
Lonely dandelion in the grass.

The sky was gray, he saw ‘him’ coming now.
He watched ‘him’ look at her and humbly, bow.
‘He’ smelled her fragrant scent,
‘he’ picked her, then he went.
Lonely dandelion in the grass.

Now he’s left with memories of a face,
that used to look at him with poise and grace.
Why was she picked away
never to return, someday?
Lonely dandelion in the grass.

The sky was gray, he saw ‘him’ coming now.
He saw ‘him’ look at him and humbly, bow.
With a smile of loneliness,
for his dandelioness
lonely dandelion in the grass.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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