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The Always Listener

If we could impart feelings to someone who didn’t talk, but merely listened….to our venting….not to help rid ourselves of them for they are an integral, recurring issue in our lives….but just listen to them….always being there,  I suppose  that would be living in a perfect world cause people require attention.

Oh well, I thought it was a good notion.   Have a great day!

The Always Listener

If only you could be my friend
and talk to me each day,
and speak of things that clog your mind
the black, the white….the gray
in all those areas you usually fear
trapped deep within your heart
that cling and fester day to day
and hide down in the dark….

part of your soul that needs a voice
to give your heart a rest
and share with ease a piece of mind
and get it off your chest
yet fear not being harassed or judged
for thinking as you do
about what is normal in this life
according to your view.

That is what a friend can be
someone who listens for
a rant, a whine, a wish or groan
and be your swinging door
and hold you close and feel the warmth
in feelings of soul to soul….
the always listener who’s standing by
and keeps you in control.

copyright 2013 t. j. gargano

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In the Cross Hairs of Life


In the Crosshairs of Life

I saw in the papers those killed on the spot
workers and families who innocently got
caught in the mayhem in an attack at the mall
in Kenya on Saturday ….an attack on us all
who believe in the decency of life.

If the nature of humanity is attacking the soul
that’s not in agreement with another soul’s goal
is it religion that’s enlisting all souls in this fight
and killing the innocents that are caught in the light
at the forefront of all that it battles?

Why do you want me to believe what you do
so badly you’ll strike and kill hearts that are true
and devoted to living in happiness and peace
in hues that are pleasant with the softness of fleece
to lay down their heads…. gently on?

All life, as we know it, seems good or it’s bad
and we’re caught in the cross hairs to be subtracted or add
to the philosophies in place that religions all pose
and through one or the other is how each life goes
as we seek simple happiness where it lays.

And looking, seeing two gods  standing…. high upon a hill
and one demanding love and the other that you kill….
in his name with a promise to someday be with him
it’s best to branch out softly from the ‘tree’  as a budding limb
and drop only  ‘chutes’ of love on those below.

© copyright 2013 t. j. gargano

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