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“No Bed, Grandpa”

Visiting at my daughter’s home in Denver recently, tensions always rose each night when the time for the twins’ bedtime approached.

And although they seem to be starting to adjust to their ‘plight’ each night, one or the other still seems to ‘fight’ going to bed, in her own way.

Grabbing a blanket and holding close to a chair, a strong defense of crying is applied in rhythmic surges toward the rule ‘enforcers’…. in hopes of weakening their demands….and of course, to no avail.  In the end, though, they both got serenaded to sleep by grandpa.


“No Bed, Grandpa”

In stare through moistened, reddened eyes
having wiped away her tears,
she sends her ‘arrows’ in disguise
in stare through moistened, reddened eyes.
They pierce the heart not by surprise
with sweetened vengeance that coheres
in stare through moistened, reddened eyes
having wiped away her tears.

Holding her blanket against her cheek
leaning against the chair,
she glares defiantly; her eyes bespeak.
holding her blanket against her cheek.
My heart is wavering in heightened beat,
still captured by her stare
holding her blanket against her cheek
leaning against the chair.

Saying ‘I love you’ with poignant heart,
I let my ‘arrows’ fly,
whose sting doth make my love impart
saying ‘I love you’ with poignant heart.
“No bed, grandpa,” is the difficult part
in the tears of a four year old’s cry….
saying ‘I love you’ with poignant heart,
I let my ‘arrows’ fly.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano


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Saturday’s Gold

Saturday is my favorite day……it’s feeling of difference, is strong.  I’ve often confronted the ‘feeling’ and why it’s like an “opening” in the ether…or air of the world I know… an invisible window, letting in fresh air and brightening my world and enabling me to see things I normally don’t see….or think of things that don’t normally come to mind…..or….I know….I sound a little ‘light-headed’…..but it is something I have always sensed.

Do you have such a ‘feeling’ for some  particular day in the week that lifts your heart and makes you think…..I can do that….or…..I think that’s possible…..or……nothing’s going to stop me….I see it!… know what I’m talking about….as if the cobwebs are out of the way and life, for a moment, looks brighter and different…..and free?

Well, if that’s being ‘off my rocker’ for a moment….well, I like getting off the rocker once in a while to see if I can keep my ‘balance.’  Anyway, that’s where I followed my mind ….this wonderful, Saturday morning.

Crazy Horse was purported to have said, to his followers,  before going into battle at the Little Big Horn ….”It’s a good day to die!”  –  to lift their spirits into the fighting mode.  Something tells me that was on his ‘favorite’ day…when the visions are momentarily more lucid…..for all of us.

Don’t mind me…..I get this way almost every Saturday…….haha!  Thank you for dropping by….again!  You are always welcome….the coffee’s always brewing…..


Saturday’s Gold


There’s something about a Saturday
that opens up my heart
and all I see that’s on display
appears in the form of art
whether be it floating, clouded skies
or the sound of a distant train
or the sight of a ground squirrel in the yard
or a walk in the falling rain.

It’s hard to describe the relief I feel
like a shirt falling off my back;
like the smells from the kitchen of the coming meal
or just springing from the ‘sack.’
The aberrant feeling is fresh and ‘new’….
invigorating to every sense
and opens a landscape on which to paint
a day without pretense.

O Saturday…. if only you
could be my everyday
and all my senses could wake anew
and my heart, in every way,
could see the love that’s all around
through the cracks in the ether’s hold
and feel the warmth and the hug of life
and all that’s really….gold!

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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Common Ground

I have always wanted to believe that every man (generic usage) shares common ground…..a human being with the same tools and the same bodily functions, separated only by environments and the political/cultural influences of those surroundings.

Of course, in essence, it’s these “influences”  that disperse and obscure the ‘common ground’ traits between us.  Nevertheless, I still hope there are people who would like me for my heart, in spite of my nationality.  It would be great to share ‘common ground’ thoughts  and knowledge with all men of the world.  The future is in it.

Thanks for stopping by…..


Common Ground

I reach to you, a common heart,
even though we’re far apart
in where we live or what we do,
in what we think of what we view.

I reach to you for common ground
to share the life that’s all around
the both of us that fills our mind
that gets us through when we are ‘blind.’

I reach to you so we can share
a bit of heart with which we care
if only a dream or a wish that’s close
in innocent thoughts we love the most.

I reach to you to hold your hand
and be your friend and understand
the way of life 
you’ve come to love
and be someone deserving of….

being here and hugged by you
in a far off place with a heart that’s true
that’s warm and free…. not afraid to be
on common ground with a friend, like me.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano





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Eternal Rhyme

Eternal Rhyme


Day has come; the night has fled.
Hope has sprung and raised its head.
Worries wonder about what to do
The heart is warming; its beat is true.

Another day has come along.
You have a chance to sing a song
different from the ones before
that rubbed your heart and made it sore.

Spring’s returned into your step.
The warmth consoles and gives you pep
to march this day against your ‘foes’
and stand your ground in sweet repose

and show the world just how you’re made
not soft and easy, as once portrayed
but ready to stand to fight the fight
with lifted ‘sword’ for what is right.

Vanquish worries that hold you down
and guard the spirit, you’ve turned around
and be what you are….and be it strong
cause this is you….this is your ‘song.’

Not all will like it, but that’s okay.
Life is different in every way
and you are needed to share this time
and play your part in this eternal rhyme.

© copyright 2013 t. j. gargano

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Prairie Flyer – Part II

Prairie Flyer –  Part II

Then as I turned toward the counter’s bar,
the pilot started down and I noticed the star
on the scarf that the wind had placed on the wing
and getting it….the pilot was trying everything
but the wind, it seemed, was winning.

Then what I saw was hard to believe
as she stepped from the cockpit and tugged at her sleeve
taking off her cap….her hair falling down….
in long strands of blond, nearly touching the ground….
the white scarf flew wildly to her hands.

Gripped tight by pause, my eyes fixed in fear,
I awaken from my stupor from the feel of cold beer
that’s spilled on my hands as I head for my seat
at the counter in the back of the room…. where the heat
will feel good when she comes through the door.

I look towards where Harley is tending his beans,
stirring them vigorously…. some reaching his jeans….
the stove plates glowing brightly in oranges and red
as the wind wails and whistles at the smell of fresh bread
then it’s gone… the door opens….”Hi, guys.”

(to be continued….Part III)

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Prairie Flyer – Part I

Prairie Flyer – Part I

I saw it below, through the clouds, on the ground;
a speck in the dust, it was kicking around
making its way towards the hangar at the end
of the airstrip of dirt where soon I’d descend;
my trip back home…. nearly done.

I took off from Galesburg in a bright morning sun
in a brisk wind that rattled the old Gatling gun
for I’d flown out east…. to buy it for a friend
who wanted it for the museum…. and those who attend,
for an exhibit how air battles were won.

The yellow two-winger was just sitting there
as my wheels touched down in the brisk Kansas air.
It’s an obscure little stop for fuel and some rest
and not known by many….maybe a barnstormer, at best;
but I had stopped here….before.

But I didn’t know the plane sitting bright against the sky
and probably not the pilot, who I just taxied by,
as I headed for the ‘shack’ for some coffee and some fuel
and a chat with the Kansan….  Harley P.  O’Toole
and I yelled at him, “Hey, sunflower!” entering the door.

“Who’s flying the yellow bird sitting on the tarp?
I queried of Harley, who’s, when sleepy, not sharp.
But who is, I’m thinking, as I take off my coat
“Just landed,” he said, pulling hard on the rope
the Billy goat not wanting to go out.

“How you been, Jake?” he said with a hug.
“It’s been quite a spell,” as he gave me a mug….
the beer not as cold as I thought it would be
as I went to the window to see what I’d see
the pilot still sitting in his seat.

The ‘hangar’ was all ol’ Harley ever had
a one-floor oasis, a gift from his dad,
who was famous in these parts – a barnstormer’s friend,
and they all showed up to honor him….at the final end
and ever since, Harley’s picked up the beat.

Three hundred miles from Kansas City’s lights
the hangar was like home when dropping from the heights
And the stories of Harley were true…. that made his legend grow
and brought in flyers from all the states…. just like a minstrel show
but the bi-plane on the tarp, he didn’t know.

(to be continued….Part II)

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Life’s ‘Seconds’

Have you ever done anything without thinking and looking back, wonder why and who made you do that?  And while we engage in intelligent thinking in many of our important considerations in life so as to make an, arguably, good decision, it is all those seemingly insignificant ‘actions’ in our daily routine, that can cause us some concern if we think about them too long.  You know what I’m talking about….those involuntary actions like kidding someone, picking a rock up and throwing it, kicking a leaf, stomping a crawling ant, little things so numerable, I can’t even think of many of them.

Well, this is where the philosophy of free will might enter.  Well…..maybe…..I’m not sure….are you?  At any rate, there is some hidden force that pulls on us all and forces us in different directions down different paths in the nano-seconds of our life, and when our minds ‘catch up’ with these rogue ‘firings’, or impulses, it is usually too late.  I invite all, from all cultures and all life, to un-confuse me.  haha….I must be bored today.


Life’s ‘Seconds’

We rise each day and make our way through the minutes of each hour,
and move and talk and think and walk, all with a hidden power.
And looking back, we often lack, memory to know just why,
we had the visions and made the decisions, that forced us to comply

in doing such and yet, not much, little things throughout the day
like jumping over a patch of clover or walking a certain way.
Saying a word we know absurd or doing something bad
a thing we couldn’t and knew we shouldn’t, that later made us sad.

We walk through strife, throughout this life, with little or no control,
In mindless visions, we make decisions that perplex our vexing soul.
We often do without a clue, things we know not why
and look to see just who it be, who’s blinded to our eye.

We cannot see what makes us be and do the things we do;
The trivial deeds, like pesky weeds, are numerous and askew.
It takes us to and guides us through life’s ‘seconds’ like a drill
We feel deceived, though it is believed, to be perks from our free will.

© copyright 2012  t.j. gargano

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The Giving Life

Do you ever have a day when you accost yourself because you are unsure of what’s going on?  You want more people to love you, more people to just say ‘hi,’ more people to admire you for what you are, you don’t think you’re good enough, you doubt your relevance, you don’t feel worthy, you can not see any value to your life…….you have all these feelings of jealously, incompetence, valueless, unloved, you think of a negative and that’s you….?

You are completely confused and frustrated because you are not something you think you should be at the stage of life you are at… that moment…?  You compare YOU to everything else in the existence of life, as you know it?  And you know you are wrong doing that?

They call it….having a bad day….caused by…..who knows.  Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep over the last month or year…..or maybe you haven’t eaten the right nutritious food in the last few days,  maybe you are constipated because of the aforementioned or stress in its zillion forms…..or maybe the magnetism and electric sparks bouncing off your aura are too heavy on your frame…or maybe the atmospheric pressure, combined with one of the previously mentioned phenomena, and no one would know which one,….maybe that pressure is too forceful or too weak on you…..this day or that day….whatever day is bad for you……WHATEVER…….

(this is you talking to yourself)…….get a hold of yourself, stand before a mirror, smile, tell the forces to ‘hit me with your best shot!’ but I am still going to stand my ground and be ME…yes…ME (you say to yourself) and if nobody likes that….well,  that’s okay…..cause I am okay with it….and I know I love me….the good and the bad…of me….every second with every breath I am permitted to have……

…..I am not wanting to be arrogant about it….but I own it (my way) and I will survive.  I may not like the way I act or feel sometimes but I am me and I will breathe my air, absorb my pressure, and live to LOVE Life….and you……again.   “i” may be 16…….”i” may be “13” or “25” or “42” or “65” or “87”….or “100”………..

It doesn’t matter……life is “one-on-one”… is not a ‘team’ game….it is, however, a ‘team existence.’  We need to know we’re loved and wanted….and hearing a good word about that relationship….never hurts anyone.

Some people always want to hear the truth but I’m not one of them….you can flatter me anytime….chances are, my heart will grow a little bigger, for a moment.  I’ll try not to let my mind do that though.  haha

Sorry about my rant but more people seem to muddle in darkness and situations they can’t control and figure that the best way to deal with it is to ‘wade’ in it…..most ‘trapped’ feelings (and we all have them) are submersive….unless you like ‘snorkeling’ it is probably best to ‘swim’ for the light of day…..just intake a lot of oxygen on the way……haha

Thanks for ‘dropping by…’ and putting up with my ‘junk’, here…..I THOUGHT this coffee was a little …..strong!

Love you guys…..I appreciate your hellos……you always make my day, as Clint would say…..if you haven’t figured it out by now “……..”  these series of dots mean ‘pause’……..hehe

The Giving Life

Every day is a counter.
It’ll never come again.
Live each day, forever
as if, it’s never been.

As long as the kiss is forever ripe,
and the love’s forever long,
you’ll remember each day, forever,
although…..forever gone.

As long as you’re happy from morning to night,
you should never ask for more,
for your blessing is in your living
and your life’s an open door.

And when your door has closed
and you reach that place above,
you’ll gaze back down at the life you lived
an endless life of love.

And it is then that you will know
that every life is something.
That all the lives that are lived, each day,
few are lived for nothing.

So whoever you may be
or however you may live
you’ll find that all that matters,
is the life you have to give.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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From The Day You Were Born

My only grandson will turn 10 years old in April and I wrote this for him when he was three years old.

From The Day You Were Born

The war started,Austin, 333 days
from the day you were born.
And I’ve watched you grow in many ways
from the day you were born.
And though the country’s now in a fight,
protecting freedoms is good and right,
and I pray all your life is bright,
from the day you were born.

Your Mom and Dad will always love you dear
from the day you were born.
And they’ll make things right and make things clear
from the day you were born.
And when problems do arise,
and tears drop from your eyes,
they’ll comfort all your cries
from the day you were born.

And remember their love through good and bad
from the day you were born.
And never forget even when you’re mad
from the day you were born.
For they’ll love you through life’s strain
during its sunny days and  days of rain,
and their love will be clear without blame
from the day you were born.

And when you’ve gotten older, the more you’ll understand
from the day you were born.
And much you’ll figure out, as you become a man
from the day you were born.
And when you’re old and gray
to your grandchildren’s questions, you’ll say
‘I remember many a wonderful day
from the day I was born.’

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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A blogger inquired of me as to why I always try to write in rhyme and repetition instead of simple narration or free verse and it sort of left me perplexed as the blogger made it sound like it was a big deal.  The blogger was respectful but obviously didn’t have much time for my tomfoolery….but I thanked him for dropping by.

President Abraham Lincoln said it best when he uttered, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

So I’m sorry that I can’t entertain some of you all the time, all of you some of the time or all of you, all of the time…..but….I’m not trying to ‘fool’ anybody at anytime……haha.

So why do I use repetition in poetry?  I suppose my education has something to do with it and the era in which I was formally educated.  When first introduced to poetry in school, and usually poems of the recognized ‘great’ poets, it must have been mostly poems in rhyme.  Maybe that’s because.

Maybe I was born a ‘rhythm’ person.  Or put another way, maybe my ‘cosmic’ behavior patterns were established at the time I entered into this dimension.

No matter.  I sense rhythm…I’m not saying I’m good at it, but I sense it.  Two things determine rhythm……time and beat.  Life is about rhythm, to me.  My moods and actions and feelings are ‘rhythms’ in my life.  I guess my life is ‘beats’ over ‘time.’

When we are most comfortable and relaxed, the rhythm of our life is probably in sync.  If we work jobs we don’t like, and often for many years, our rhythm is off….we’re not happy, we feel trapped, we’re doing something we would rather not be doing and yet we have to do it……  the rhythm is wrong for us.

Without getting any deeper into this ‘whirlpool’ of my thinking….suffice to say, managing our time here on earth is the problem to be solved for all of us…’s a rhythm that’s hard to keep steady, given the different ‘beats’ in our lives that we have little control of.

So….I use rhyme and repetition because it is challenging, it sounds good to my mind, it is rhythmic instead of chaotic and pleasant to ‘my’ ears.  I feel good and comfortable with that form.

In ending,  I like some of my poetry all of the time, all of my poetry some of the time but I’ll never like all of my poetry all of the time……and I don’t expect anyone else to like it all of the time, either.   haha

My motto is:  Life in rhyme, rhyme in life.

My blessings to all.


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