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For those of you who follow me avidly in my email, I have finally returned home from my trip to Colorado, where I had an enjoyable time in the mountains and with family and cousins.  Hope all has been good with you.




Supposedly, the world is such
that what we sense is real
but struggle to confirm what we can’t touch,
though there’s a ‘presence’  we can feel.
These things unseen all factor in
and influence us every day
which is why…. involuntarily
we sometimes lose our way.

But has this always been the case
in all of life….before?
In centuries past with slower pace
was the ‘presence’ less or more?
Was it there at all to help life move
on structured whims of chance
or down a road toward distant gate,
it positioned in advance?

There is a journey all will take
like a nightly trip to bed
and what we know, we will forsake
and go to dream….instead
and know the ‘presence’ that 
we’ve felt
that’s led us through the strife
and shared the moments that guided us
on destined road of life…..



© copyright 2013 t. j. gargano

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Up on the rise

For those of you who have driven highways in the western United States…..the long stretches of open prairie and wide skies and nary another car around, you might remember that  there was  usually a constant wind to contend with,  and when you climb the hills or ‘rises’, that wind always seemed to be fiercest at that zenith point.

In fact, you had to assume that would be the case.  And if you were pulling a camper of any size, approaching that ‘rise’ became problematic, at best.

Also,  as you approached those ‘rises’, telltale evidence of a constant wind was usually the bent over prairie grasses and the battered and broken fences along the way.


Up On The Rise

Out where the highway….. rises toward the sky,
up where the howling winds blow,
you might see a hawk riding thermals way up high
out where the highway….. rises toward the sky.
Out here the hand of the wind is dry
and its strength commands the grass,  lay low.
out where the highway….. rises toward the sky,
up where the howling winds blow.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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Around The Bend

Jane Thorne at  in a recent post,  queried bloggers about their favorite one-liners from the internet and she said….”Mine is  ‘It’s not the end of the road if you go round the bend’ “

That was the inspiration for this poem…Around the Bend.

Deadwood, South Dakota

Around the Bend

When first we see it, up ahead,
it’s fear, at first, we must transcend
not knowing exactly what to dread,
when first we see it up ahead.
We wonder if we’ve been misled
Does it continue around the bend?
When first we see it, up ahead,
it’s fear, at first, we must transcend.

We choose from life’s roads, all spread out,
then follow to….. its final end.
The path our life will be about
we choose from life’s roads, all spread out.
And from grassy trail our road will sprout;
and greet the fear…. around each bend.
We choose from life’s roads, all spread out,
then follow to…..its final end.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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The Staring Horse

Animals are amazing and definitely live in their own world.  On this last trip, and at a time I needed a little driving rest, anyway, I noticed this horse staring down this barn and it struck my funny bone (I knew I was tired) and so I briefly pulled over for some fresh air and a rural ‘show.’

The Staring Horse

On a drive last month going west on the highway
and approaching Omaha on a bright and sunny day,
I saw this horse standing with his nose against the barn;
his tail was swishing, his ears were twitching, his eyes were in stare
and a dog was ferociously barking at him and he looked……not to care.

The fence around the chicken house was near-down, with a gap,
and chickens were everywhere except the ones that were trapped
or caught inside by the door that the wind, no doubt, had closed.
And the yard was full of jersey cows and there were three or four cats
who were avoiding all the cows……but also, all the rats.

But with an eye on the road and to the right, on that farm
and with no one behind me, I stuck out my arm
and the air was cool but I still went over and stopped.
And grabbing my camera and opening the door, I looked for a picture to snap,
to capture a memory of the trip and this farm, and put it in place on my map.

But as I got inside, a dark cloud came over and the wind announced the rain.
And starting the car, still gazing at the farm, I saw the farmer in the yard with his cane,
moving ever so slowly, waving it at the cows all around.
And with the farmstead bending down to the forces of the wind and rain,
my last glimpse was the staring horse, ignoring it all; living his own refrain.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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Hard Road

Rural roads in many states are either made of dirt or some grade of gravel.  They require one’s utmost attention when being traversed and in these areas, one considers themselves fortunate if they happen to live along a rare ‘hard road.’

The Hard Road

Up on the hard road that crosses county line,
out where the hills turn to sand,
the wind whistles eerily all through the pine
up on the hard road that crosses county line.
Drifts of  sand are  left behind
as the wind blows mightily  ‘cross the land
Up on the hard road that crosses county line
Out where the hills turn to sand.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano


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