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Eternal Rhyme

Eternal Rhyme


Day has come; the night has fled.
Hope has sprung and raised its head.
Worries wonder about what to do
The heart is warming; its beat is true.

Another day has come along.
You have a chance to sing a song
different from the ones before
that rubbed your heart and made it sore.

Spring’s returned into your step.
The warmth consoles and gives you pep
to march this day against your ‘foes’
and stand your ground in sweet repose

and show the world just how you’re made
not soft and easy, as once portrayed
but ready to stand to fight the fight
with lifted ‘sword’ for what is right.

Vanquish worries that hold you down
and guard the spirit, you’ve turned around
and be what you are….and be it strong
cause this is you….this is your ‘song.’

Not all will like it, but that’s okay.
Life is different in every way
and you are needed to share this time
and play your part in this eternal rhyme.

© copyright 2013 t. j. gargano

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My Little Flower Girl

Such beauty there is in a field of wild flowers…..I’m sure the ‘flowers’ even sense it.

My Little Flower Girl

I saw a flower in the grass
standing over there
and oh, what pretty eyes, she had,
and oh, what pretty hair.

There were flowers everywhere
as far as I could see
but none as pretty as the one
that captivated me.

The twinkle in her petal eyes
as bright as diamonds rare.
The smile upon her petal face
something more than fair.

But oh, the pain to have to stand
and watch her every day,
to know someone will pick her up
and take her far away.

If only I’d been a flower seed
and planted by her side.
Would I’d seen her beauty or in
my blindness would it hide?

Her innocence makes me want to cry
but how happy she makes me feel.
She’s fresher than the freshest wind;
she’s something more than real.

But there’ll come a day when the trees are bent
and the leaves are all in a whirl.
I’ll say good-bye to her pretty smile
and the dream of my little flower girl.


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Spring Has Sprung

Of course, winter is coming on, here, now.  Actually,   I wrote this poem  when, in fact, it had sprung.  But thinking of it, even now, is comforting to the soul and warms the heart a little before it is time to muster up, put on the gear and plunge through winter head-on.  Thanks for dropping by;  it is always great to see and hear from you.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung; there are buds on the trees.
Birds all a flutter; there soon will be bees.
The grass is all brown, but soon will be green.
Down comes the storm door, replaced by a screen
And the season of change is at hand.

Ants will be coming; stringing a long
with crickets a-chirping to blue birds in song.
Fish will be jumping in the creek by the barn.
The dog will be barking at the cat, he won’t harm;
from winter, comes spring, ‘cross the land.

Flowers are blooming all round the house.
Young kittens are practicing catching a mouse.
Rabbits are cautiously running around.
The garden is planted in freshly tilled ground.
Summer will soon be a-long.

Kids outside flying their kites way up high.
Geese flying northward, way up in the sky.
Snowflakes now given up to sweet-smelling rain.
Farmers out planting, the new season’s grain.
Memories of winter, now gone.

copyright © 2011 T.J. Gargano

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