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If the weather permits, many of us will get to view yet another Supermoon and this particular one – according to those at – is suppose to be the largest Supermoon this year for a couple of reasons:  First, the lunar perigee (point in its orbit closest to the earth) will be the closest for the year 2013, and secondly, 32 minutes later, the moon will officially turn full.  The timing of these two events are what will make it the biggest full moon of the year.

And it will continue to “appear” to be full for a couple of days.  They use the word ‘appear’ because, to the casual observer, imperceptibly and theoretically, the exact time of the full moon lasts just a moment.

So, to coincide with this event, I will re-post my poem of last year on May 6, 2012…..Supermoon.



                                                           (Tim Mccord photo of 2012 Supermoon)



The last strands of daylight are consumed by the dusk,
two geese glide overhead sounding noisy and brusque
there’s a calmness on the prairie; a slight stir in the trees.
the paper I’m reading bends to the breeze
and we all await ….the Supermoon.

The small moon sits ominously atop the horizon like a cap
due east from where I’m sitting with my dog in my lap
here on the porch leading out to the deck
as we wait for the moon to change from a speck
and we hope that that change…. is soon.

The city lights are twinkling five miles to the east
the moon’s in its climb and transforming to a beast
The crickets are clicking and the frogs sing their tune
a hoot owl hoots and, expectantly, the coyote will…. soon
as the little speck is now big and wide.

From where I am sitting it’s hidden by the trees
as I grab my binoculars and stumble through leaves
fresh fallen on the yard as if it were fall
and I’ll mow them again and not get them all
but for now I’ll just kick them aside.

Imperceptibly has appeared a glow in the dark
on the grass, ‘cross the fields, on the buildings and bark
of the trees now stilled by a silence unknown
and an eerie sensation all around has grown
as the Supermoon shines from above.

The hairs on my neck all raise in salute.
The moment is mystical; profoundly acute.
The city lights are dimmer like the light from each star.
The glow has now faded…. here and afar
but the ”glow”  moment we shared….was loved.

© copyright 2012 t. j. gargano


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