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Last Call for Love

When I was called to war, it was before a love entanglement and I am thankful for that.  But leaving love and loved ones behind has always been a sorrowful aspect of soldiers going off to serve their country.  Whereas, many situations are adjusted to, many a soldier leaves for war unsettled in his predicament, especially when it is about unrequited love.

Last Call for Love


Call me if you want; tell me if you can.
You ought to know for sure by now, the kind of man, I am.
I won’t get flippant and lose control or try to make you cry
or make you do things you don’t like…. or even make you try.
Call me if you want; tell me how you are.
Tell me how your day has been ‘cause you’re the most by far
I truly miss from all the things…. I like in every way
that I would like close by my side, each and every day.

Call me if you want; I need to see you now.
We can’t afford to be apart; time will not allow
for us to try and figure out a plan to see us through
for much has passed before our eyes; we 
didn’t have a clue.
Call me if you want but my train is leaving soon.
I need to hold you in my arms beneath the silver moon
that casts a chilling, telling spell…. from where it sits above.
Come and hold me in this spell….ain’t it time to bind this love?

I wish, at least, you would have come to give me one last look
to see your smile in every face that pops up in this book
that I must read to calm me down…. headed back to war
for I’ll ‘live’ that wishful vision; you in the station door.
I’d rather you wouldn’t call me now; it’s time for me to heal
I know I won’t forget you ‘cause my memories all have ‘feel.’
But if it be I don’t come back, you’ll always know my love.
Sorry it was so hard on you; keep faith in God, above.

copyright 2013 t. j. gargano

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O Syria! O Syria!

Most of the time one can brush off the headlines that are  sensationalized, to some extent, to attract viewership to often influence a way of thinking or compete with a rival news source.  Brush off because they are reporting events that we, as individuals, have little or no control over and which are things that may or may not affect us directly.

But sometimes,  something we have no control over, is yet so hideous and heinous that the very thought of it offends our being……it offends all humanity……and the reports become voluminous and ‘in our face’ to the extent that it becomes ‘believable’ hearsay and you wonder how so much can be  printed and not be true.  There are cases where you hope the reports are not true….and yet, you know they are.

Chemical warfare strikes at the heart of humanity and its assailant knows no heart!  His compassion  for life is dead.


O Syria! O Syria!


O Syria!  O Syria!
What is it that you’ve done?
All your innocent ‘children’
now stand and face the gun.
Why must their blood be sacrificed
if you feel that you must bleed?
If you want to die, then die as men
in the honor of your greed.

O Syria! O Syria!
How can you kill your own?
Especially all your innocent kids
with dreams of being grown?
How could you steal those precious breaths
that spoke as each one dreamed
with minds too young to question why
bombs flew and parents screamed.

O Syria! O Syria!
Your enemy’s at hand.
He comes to punish your selfish heart;
the evil…. you command.
If men must fight, let men fight men….
let the children stay alive
to tell the story that must be told
so the memories all survive.

© copyright 2013 t. j. gargano

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