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Fairy Rescue

Personally, I think it is good to mix a little of one’s self into one’s kind of flattery –   create a little doubt, mix a little fantasy into the reality mix.  We have to be a little dizzy once in a while since were spinning around the sun at roughly 67,000 miles per hour.  hehe    Have a great day!!

So, I’m Not Right

I saw her lying by the road
all ‘puddled’  by the rain
and standing by her was a toad
up leaning on a cane
cautiously looking all around
to see just who would come
saying something I could not hear
o’er the beating drum
that now had just begun to beat
in tones I barely heard
as noisy leaves fell on my feet
as squeals came from a bird
swooping down now where she lays
close to the thrusting cane
the toad is waving aimlessly
scowling with disdain.

The darkness of the misty morn’
can’t hide the loudening drum
as fairies come from the field of corn;
the drum beat now a 
They wave away her guardian knight
and lift her on a leaf
and away they fly in the misty dawn
taking my belief.
There’s always someone standing by
to tell you, you’re not right
when using words that seem to lie
making others feel uptight.
It’s not that you are being bad
but it’s scary ‘cause you’re bold
after all, there might be an ounce of truth
in the story you just told.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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‘O. Henry, The Crow”

Another, nonsensical, fun poem that I wrote when I was a young man and here’s a little story behind it.

Working at an A & P market, a co-worker of mine was studying taxidermy and wanted to know if I wanted a stuffed animal.  I thought he was talking about a tiger or something (yeah right)…anyway, I said ‘sure.’  I was living at home, of course, and didn’t think anymore about it.  But a week later, Johnathan brings me in this huge crow sitting on a log.  This bird had been eating for a while, which is probably why he got caught.

Well, I took him home and it scared mom to death but she let me keep him.  Johnathan had done a superb job with him and for reasons I do not know or can’t remember, I named him…O. Henry.  Years later, I had him sitting on a high cabinet next to a window, and when mom was visiting, she moved that curtain and it hit O.Henry and he came down on her and AGAIN…scared her to death.

A few more tumbles, over the years, did him in, but he remains a good memory.  Here is ‘O. Henry’

“O. Henry, The Crow”

O. Henry, O. Henry, O. Henry’s my crow.
Sittin’ there thinking, what does he know?
O. Henry just sits there each day of the week,
sittin’ there thinking unable to speak.

O. Henry, O. Henry speak up my boy.
Give me thy troubles, tell me thy joys.
O. Henry, O. Henry remember the days,
you used to fly the hours away.

Through summer all faded, and when fall has been sewn,
sitting there thinking, he’ll be all alone.
His mind must be roamin’, his thoughts must be high
remembering the good days, up in the sky.

Winter has come now; O. Henry must sleep.
Spring will be coming to gather her reap.
His majesty O. Henry, O. Henry the crow
Sitting there thinking……… but nobody knows.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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The Deer

Deer presence and awareness is always tantamount to safety when driving through wooded areas on the back roads.   Many people lose their lives when encountering the deer population on our nation’s highways, too.  They are so beautiful and yet they can be so deadly.  Be careful out there.

The Deer

Travelling up the interstate to Chicago yesterday,
while stopped in another costly traffic delay,
I spotted two deer to my right in the woods
just standing there, heads turned, gazing at the road,
their ears turning constantly, in their standing ‘stiff’ mode.

I heard a child say, “look, daddy, a deer” from the car behind,
but the deer didn’t move, as if they didn’t mind
the attention they were getting from the line of cars
stopped and staring at them from the road;
not even the noisy big rigs, anxious to move their load.

Sitting there in the car, my mind was set to dream
and I saw the two deer fall and I heard the child scream
and I wanted to get out of the car and run over to help
them but something held me back as the car started ahead
and I fell back in my seat and saw on my clothes, the red.

All I remember now, though, is the honk from behind
as if the car was saying, ‘get following that line’
for the line had moved ahead and I was still stopped
and quickly looking to the woods, I saw their white tails leap
then noticed the spilled red chili on me and the passenger seat.
I still don’t fully understand, the mind’s purpose of a dream;
They never make much sense to me, though I often like their theme
But now I have to keep my mind on the traffic along this road
and make it to Chicago where the weather, they say, is clear
and hopefully remember, when I’m driving back, the place I saw the deer.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano



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