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Common Ground

I have always wanted to believe that every man (generic usage) shares common ground…..a human being with the same tools and the same bodily functions, separated only by environments and the political/cultural influences of those surroundings.

Of course, in essence, it’s these “influences”  that disperse and obscure the ‘common ground’ traits between us.  Nevertheless, I still hope there are people who would like me for my heart, in spite of my nationality.  It would be great to share ‘common ground’ thoughts  and knowledge with all men of the world.  The future is in it.

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Common Ground

I reach to you, a common heart,
even though we’re far apart
in where we live or what we do,
in what we think of what we view.

I reach to you for common ground
to share the life that’s all around
the both of us that fills our mind
that gets us through when we are ‘blind.’

I reach to you so we can share
a bit of heart with which we care
if only a dream or a wish that’s close
in innocent thoughts we love the most.

I reach to you to hold your hand
and be your friend and understand
the way of life 
you’ve come to love
and be someone deserving of….

being here and hugged by you
in a far off place with a heart that’s true
that’s warm and free…. not afraid to be
on common ground with a friend, like me.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano





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Eternal Rhyme

Eternal Rhyme


Day has come; the night has fled.
Hope has sprung and raised its head.
Worries wonder about what to do
The heart is warming; its beat is true.

Another day has come along.
You have a chance to sing a song
different from the ones before
that rubbed your heart and made it sore.

Spring’s returned into your step.
The warmth consoles and gives you pep
to march this day against your ‘foes’
and stand your ground in sweet repose

and show the world just how you’re made
not soft and easy, as once portrayed
but ready to stand to fight the fight
with lifted ‘sword’ for what is right.

Vanquish worries that hold you down
and guard the spirit, you’ve turned around
and be what you are….and be it strong
cause this is you….this is your ‘song.’

Not all will like it, but that’s okay.
Life is different in every way
and you are needed to share this time
and play your part in this eternal rhyme.

© copyright 2013 t. j. gargano

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If The Wind Could Blow Away…..

Second day of the new year already – life in my space lane, seems to be moving really fast……this must be what ‘life in the fast-lane’ means.  Well, maybe not, but I’m trying to catch hold of something, to hang on.

Maybe this new blog, of sorts,  is the ‘something’ to catch hold of and maybe ‘you’ can help me hold on so I can share my existence with you, down this path.  It should be fun.  Thanks for dropping by.

“If the Wind Could Blow Away……….”

If the wind could blow away
my troubles in the rain,
would my tears be washed away
or would they still remain,
to follow me forever
wherever I may roam,
down lengthy paths and endless trails
that never lead to home?

Oh, gentle wind please blow away
my troubles in the rain.
Don’t let the tears, that always run,
upon my face, remain.
Just hang me on a passing cloud
and let me float away;
let me see a world of peace
or softly let me lay.

Down beside a bubbling brook,
I’ll look up to the sky
and try to understand just why
a wonderful world must die.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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