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‘Cause This Is Saturday

We all have feelings that are difficult to explain.  The “aloofness” of Saturday has always been one of those feelings for me – my ‘who cares’ day.  Usually a lot is accomplished……or nothing.  And even when I worked Saturdays regularly, the ‘feeling’ made it my favorite day, even when it was my busiest.  I would bet that you have such a day.

Have a great Saturday.


‘Cause This Is Saturday


What do you do…. when you don’t know
just what you want to do?
Your mind is racing and primed to go
but the heart’s without a clue.
There’s a million things that must be done
but there seems no easy way
to get the heart in working mood
‘cause this is Saturday.


Certain days project a ‘feel’
that makes you want to work.
Some days seem to be surreal
and seem to have no perk.
It’s funny how they affect us all
and control how far we stray
this day, for this heart, the mind doesn’t matter
‘cause this is Saturday.

© copyright 2013 t. j. gargano

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I’ll Wait for Thee

I’ll Wait for Thee

In those times you want to write
but don’t know what to say,
when nothing seems to feel alright;
your mind seems in decay.
At least, it feels that’s how it is
when nothing comes to mind.
Cause if there’s something in your head,
it’s certainly hard to find.
Your pencil twittles;  you look in stare.
your eyes are on the clock.
You wait upon the mind to bare.
You’re frozen and in shock.
And all the while, time’s on the march;
your stare can’t slow it down.
You’re oblivious to your pending fate;
your face is steeped in frown.

This feeling is something you know too well
when the mind’s confused and bent,
and starts to journey and wants to yell
but your heart still sleeps….content.
And so we have a second cup
and stare around the room
and hope the heart will come around
and chase away our gloom.
Beyond the memories in our mind
in empty rooms galore
are places the writer goes to find
to open up the doors
that lead to journeys he must take
no matter the distance be
and if that means he has to wait,
it’ll be by his decree.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano


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