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Jackie Lype

As a ‘kid’ my belongings included toy soldiers and cowboys and Indians and my sisters probably had dolls, I can’t remember for sure.  But years later, my daughters had doll collections and my son, mostly cars.

But in all cases, favorites seemed to sit on shelves and most of the rest in boxes or special hampers or back in a closet or a place where it was labeled ‘not picked up.’

This poem is about three ‘dollies’ who sat on a shelf……..without changing times, they probably would still be there……and that would be a story for someone to write.

Jackie Lype

Pretend there’s three dollies sitting on a wall.
One is very big and one is very small.
One is very pretty, she’s quite a different type.
She’s the little dolly whose name is Jackie Lype.

Yes, I think she’s very pretty,
pretty as can be
beaming like the sunlight
shining on the sea.

Pretty as the green grass
growing in the lane;
fresher than the daisies,
moistened by the rain.

Jackie Lype,  she’s the type
an angel in disguise.
Cutest little dolly
underneath the sky.

Jackie Lype, Jackie Lype,
it’s a big world you will see.
But always keep a smiling
like a dolly did for me.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano

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