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What we do is indifferent to time.   Have a great day!




Change is happening; its style is not static.
It can’t be bound; it’s usually problematic.
You can keep it at bay…. only for a while.
Adjustments are needed that you’ll have to compile
that’ll help you adapt and survive.

Its disguises are many; some hard to detect.
Oft times it may come…. at a time you expect.
But it’s often sneaky and you’re caught unaware
and you wonder how it happened that you 
didn’t prepare
and you turn to your senses to revive.

Change is constant; always present in life.
It will come to your body, to your car, to your wife.
It will come to your thinking or the size of your pants
you’ll see it in your uncles and grandmas and aunts
as each coming year passes by.

There’s nothing to do to keep it away.
Some adjustments might help to keep it at bay.
But time will march on with change at its side
so look for adjustments to ease up the ride
and lay back and smile at the sky.

copyright 2013 t. j. gargano



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Sometimes the things we hold the dearest, we endanger by our ‘taking for granted’ or ‘assuming.’  Our love relationships might be  the most vulnerable of these things.




It’s something that we all have done.
It’s something we just do
when times are serious or having fun
and it’s done without a clue.
And it’s not because the thing we think
is something that we know
but usually because the ‘know,’ we think,
hides without a show.

And when it’s love, we think, is sure,
we sometimes falter more
not seeing it slip into a blur
only seeing it as before
So take not for granted that precious love
and guard it from its doom
Keep love fresh and full of life
and nevermore….assume.

© copyright 2013  t. j. gargano

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It’s said that seeing is believing.  But we know that isn’t always true.  Illusionists prove that.  Trick photography proves that.

And too, it is expected of us to believe in ‘things’ we can’t see.  A good example might be the air we breathe.

So in many aspects of life, we, as individuals, have to choose whether or not to believe in something.  Some of those things might be important and others, may not be as important.

A case in point might be angels, demons or other forces in the non-reality dimensions of our minds.  Then we might ask…if there are angels then are there demons?  or aliens? or UFOs? or ghosts? ………….or…….fairies?


Though I detect that she is near,
I see not yet her fluttering heart
between each drooping willow tear,
though I detect that she is near.
I’ll keep on searching without fear
until I find some little part.
Though I detect that she is near,
I see not yet her fluttering heart.

Though, it’s said they don’t exist,
And maybe that is so,
I know that one day… I was kissed
though, it’s said they don’t exist.
And yet I saw her, through the mist,
fly up and wink and go.
Though, it’s said they don’t exist
and maybe that is so

On days I go down to that stream
to where the fairy came,
I lay down there, perchance to dream,
on days I go down to that stream.
And while I know, it seems extreme,
I’ll keep on looking without shame,
on days I go down to that stream
to where the fairy came.

copyright © 2012 T.J. Gargano


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